Yankees: Losing on April Fools Day was appropriate - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Losing on April Fools Day was appropriate - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Losing on April Fools Day was appropriate - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: Losing on April Fools Day was appropriate

CC Sabathia on the bump

CC Sabathia on the bump – 2011 Opening Day, Yankee Stadium

Opening Day APRIL FOOLS?!?

Unfortunately that answer is no, as the 2014 New York Yankees were not playing a joke on fans at all.

As the Opening Day, 2-6, loss to the Houston Astros was real, did happen and it counts.

Starter CC Sabathia got shelled, as he was tagged for six runs by the time he entered the third inning.

In Sabathia’s defense, he did settle after the two-inning disaster by throwing four scoreless innings but it was to little to late.

But the Yankees bats offered zero help, as they made Astros starter Scott Feldman look like a CY Young contender by allowing two singles, two walks and three strikeouts over just shy of seven innings.

This outing by Sabathia should not shock fans at all, as his Opening Day stats since coming to New York in 2009 all stink.

Honestly, if I was to look at these stats blindly and someone told me they belonged to Sabathia; I would call them a liar.

(All stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com)

CC Sabathia - Yankees Opening Day Career Game Log
2009Apr 6NYY@BALL,5-10L(0-1)4.186650012.46259650
2010Apr 4NYY@BOSL,7-95.16552408.442310458
2011Mar 31NYYDETW,6-36.06322703.002710670
2012Apr 6NYY@TBRL,6-76.08553727.502810463
2013Apr 1NYYBOSL,2-8L(0-1)5.08444507.202710264

It is no big secret that Father Time struck Sabathia’s velocity last season, but he is too talented a pitcher to think that he is doomed in 2014.

Truth-be-told, this morning, I told my father that I was regretting predicting a 6-1 Yankees win for last night’s game.


I realized that I had based the outcome on the opponent being the Astros, not the realization that the Yankees have won the Opening Day game only once since Sabathia has been named the official starter.

So, I see this loss as a positive and normal start to a season for the Yankees.

Bottom line is that any baseball fan, subjected to watching the Astros beat-up on their team is going to feel pretty nausea afterwards.

But a real April Fools would have been the Yankees winning, and Sabathia throwing a one-hit, shutout.


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  1. Rick says:

    Personally, I do not think C.C. deserved the last contract he received. We are now looking at a 88 mph "fastball" and a 78-80 mph
    breaking ball with the "fastball" mostly belt high and down the middle.

    If anything, he should be a 4th or 5th starter at best.

    • Wow Rick that is a tad harsh, but it looks like he might be heading that way if something doesn't give soon.

      Kuroda is successful without a killer fastball, but it does clock 92 -93 a lot. But Pettitte and Moose both had to reinvent themselves when Father Time got to them and they both succeed. Both could still pitch well today even.

      CC should not be moved in the rotation order until the All-Star Break..if needed. But no reason to kick a man while he is down so fast…he is already physically not in control so to kill his confidence with a demotion so soon would be cruel. Not to mention that CC has earned himself the benefit of the doubt….for a time period.