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Yankees Lose To White Sox And A Whole Lotta Drama

The Yankees wanted to create the month of May with a Vazquez win, a Tex homer and pain free after the Posada scare in Baltimore.

Well, none of the above came about yesterday, as the Yankees lost to the White Sox 7-6.

It was a straightforward soap opera that lasted way to long, but this kind-of drama cannot be ignored.


Where to start? Let’s start out on a positive note:

  1. Loving Brett Gardner, who keeps excelling and is forming into a solid player. There is nothing not to adore about Gardner.
  2. Nick Swisher hit a two-run bomb, to take the lead in the sixth inning. Swish went 0-4 the night before but he seems to have found his swing again.
  3. Teixeira had two hits putting April slowdown in the past, we hope.
  4. Jeter finally got a court restraining order against Ozzie after finding affections were not reciprocated (joking).

Now the concerns:

  1. Javier Vazquez got worse, again. Vazquez needs to improve, he knows it, but no need to keep repeating it.
  2. Micromanaging has been inadequate this season for Joe Girardi, but he can not stop running to his trusty binder as if he forgot the key. Pulling the pitchers is getting excessive. Why Joba Chamberlain is not used for two-plus innings, is beyond me. He can throw more than the 8th inning only and is more effective than Robertson and Marte. Not even going to start on Mitre because he just stinks. Girardi needs to let go off Mitre and his Marlin days now. Also, what was that pinch running interference Girardi pulled swapping Arod for Pena? Arod is plenty fast, and it seemed foolhardy.
  3. In the bottom of the sixth the worst happened, as Curtis Granderson rounded second base in utter pain. MRI showed Grade Two strain in his left groin translation, see you in June. Just unfortunate for the new Yankee, who the fans already love and wish Granderson a speedy recovery.
  4. Newspaper headlines should read, Nick Johnson sent to minors, as Yankees bring up top prospect Jesus Montero.’ Johnson is hurting the team and could use the practice. Montero can share DH with Posada and catch a couple of times to give Posada’s knees a break. Yanks can not afford to lose Jorge’s hot bat to injury, especially now.

Not the intent the Yankees had in mind, but fixable. Exception is the damage to Granderson which is part of the game, unfortunately, but Grandy will be back hopefully soon.


When you are playing against manager Ozzie Guillen, outrageous is a given. Here are two classics, of Ozzie being Ozzie:

1.Never underestimate White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, or his love for Derek Jeter,

2.There is always a part two with Ozzie, who took his antics to a whole new level yesterday by declaring that Vazquez’s glove was distracting. An already mentally unstable Vazquez had to come down from the hill to get a new glove in the clubhouse. No respect for a man thats already down, but that is Ozzie in a nutshell.

The Yankees need to wrap up the series with a win tomorrow, and get the White Sox out of the Bronx. Phil Hughes can take care of this tomorrow, I have faith that Hughes has grown-up and is in the right role now.

Now Yanks just have to get Joba out there for 7th and 8th inning, someone should write it in the binder when Girardi is not looking.


  1. D-metd says:

    Ozzie is a riot and love the #4 joke. Nice work!

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