Yankees lose the Captain, Gardner, Soriano and two games too - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees lose the Captain, Gardner, Soriano and two games too - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees lose the Captain, Gardner, Soriano and two games too - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees lose the Captain, Gardner, Soriano and two games too

Just when things start heading in a postseason direction, the New York Yankees start racking up injuries again.

English: Derek Jeter

English: Derek Jeter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Yankees will have to win a Wild Card sans Derek Jeter and Brett Gardner who are both out for the rest of the season.

And then before losing a second game in a row to the Boston Red Sox, the Bronx Bombers most productive hitter Alfonso Soriano was pulled from the line-up due to a sprained thumb.

This Yankees team can’t seem to catch a break this season, as when things start to become


When the news broke that the Yankees will be sans captain Derek Jeter for the rest of season, I was left with a heavy heart.

Losing Jeter should not come as a shock to Yankee fans, as he has barely been on the field this season anyway.

But to be amidst a heated pennant race for one of the two coveted AL Wild Card spots without the Captain is not the same.

Jeter has only played in 15 games all season, which made it quite clear that his surgically repaired ankle had not fully healed yet.

So Jeter pulled himself out in the sixth inning of last Saturday’s 13-9 loss at the hands of the Red Sox, you knew something was really wrong.

Throughout his career, Jeter rarely admits to being hurt if it would keep him from playing, so the fact that he has been shutdown is as sad as it is comforting.

Jeter’s presence on the field, not to mention absence in the clubhouse is sorely missed.

The Captain will now embrace the role as Yankees cheerleader, as his teammates battle in hopes of a playoff berth.


Joining Jeter on the cheer squad is speedy centerfielder Gardner for the rest of the season.

ESPN New York confirmed that Gardner suffered a Grade 1 strain in his rib cage during last Thursday win vs. the Orioles, and is likely out till next year.

The biggest blow might be Soriano pending on how badly his thumb is sprained.

For now he is listed as day-to-day but with the Yankees that means nothing. You are either playing not, and Soriano is not as of yet.

Since returning to New York, Soriano has been the best hitter across the AL.

In 46 games, Soriano has 15 homers and 47 RBIs. He has a .375 BA in RISP, which is why he is vital to this team going anywhere.


The active Yankees need all the help they can get.

After being a game back in the Wild Card standings, they lose two in a row at the hands of the scorching Red Sox.

Those defeats knocked the Yankees to 2.5 games back in the standings, and now are looking up at the Rays, Rangers and Indians who all jumped in front of them.

Not to mention that the Orioles and Royals are breathing down their necks, sitting a half a game and one game behind them respectively.

For all these contending Wild Card teams so much hinges on how the other teams do, which is unnerving.

Before blowing two in Boston, the Yankees were in a place to break away and be in control of their own postseason destiny. But since they lost two, and three other teams won it pushes them back further.

Basically the formula for any of these teams to win one of the two Wild Card berths is to win, win again and again and again.

I think you catch my drift.

“Depend on the rabbit’s foot if you will, but remember it didn’t work for the rabbit.”  ~R.E. Shay


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