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Yankees Lose Because Cameron Diaz Sucks In The Sack

What is going on with Arod?

And what’s up Girardi’s behind?

Nobody really knows except Joe himself, but I do know the answer to the next question.

How embarrassing is it to lose to the worst team in baseball?

Just ask the reigning World Series Champs, who accomplished that tonight losing 5-4 to the Baltimore Orioles. It was the Orioles first win at home, and fourth of the season.

This was a poor showing all around for the Yankees, which included another crummy call by Girardi.

Could someone explain why pulling Phil Hughes in the middle of the sixth inning, with two outs?

After the win, Orioles Nolan Ryan stated, “Yea you know he was pitching great (Hughes). It was good to get him out of the game and face someone new. We took advantage of it.”

Hughes was not as controlled as in Oakland, but was getting the job done. Hughes could have simply put away another out.

Girardi puts in Boone Logan for the lefty batter. Logan walks Orioles Luke Scott and in came David Robinson who gave up three straight hits and the lead 4-2.

Girardi breaks rhythms over a few pitches all the time, but tonight was to anal retentive in a game that should have been an easy win.

This is not all Girardi’s fault because the powerful bats have consistently sucked, aka. Teixeira, Rodriguez and lately Jeter have been terrible.

Someone needs to call Kate Hudson ASAP because the Yankees want you back or at least back in Arod’s sac.

Arod has been so weary and with no excuse for it.

Remember, Camden Yard was the sight of Arod’s first game last season, the one pitch, first hit, home-run at bat. Arod never slowed down after missing April, and after that blast in Baltimore.

Teixeira is right there also, but a clutch single in the ninth tonight gets him off the hook. Not by much as Tex’s “slumping-at-start” story is getting real tired, very fast

Still, what is Arod’s explanation?

Arod is healthy. He did not have as large of a PED issue this Spring Training, but it still got him his needed airtime Starts to make you think about what the problem could be.

Well, I figures it out. Cameron Diaz is no Kate Hudson in the bedroom. Kate Hudson spoke of breathtaking romps with the slugger a few times, and it certainly showed as she did not stop smiling for months.

Come to think of it neither could Arod, as it showed on the field. Cameron Diaz is not as pretty as Hudson, and obviously, not as skilled either.

Diaz definitely knows what is at stake here, so the polite thing to do is either take some lessons or take a hike.

Just do it for the team, because we need Arod back now.

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  1. Double G Sports says:

    Kate, I love you! haha. You are hilarious.

    Ok, on a serious note…you might be right 😉 And I have to agree. I'd take Kate Hudson before Cameron Diaz any day any time.

    Maybe it's in the name, "Kate"

    • Kate says:

      Could be Double G….but something is off with Arod. He is not a slow starter in the regular season and this is something of concern.

      Times were happier when Kate Hudson was around….that is the point.

      Girardi's antics are starting to un-nerve me more than I like to admit.

  2. […] YANKEES LOSE BECAUSE CAMERON DIAZ SUCKS IN THE SAC is a post from: Lady Loves Pinstripes […]

  3. […] YANKEES LOSE BECAUSE CAMERON DIAZ SUCKS IN THE SACK is a post from: Lady Loves Pinstripes […]

  4. riley says:

    Kate over Cam? I think not. But why is Arod infatuated with flat-chested women? Guess I won't buy my boob job. Kate has jumped on more gravy trains than purina dog food. She is pretty much used up. I think Arod needs a brunette to turn things around!

    • Kate says:

      I think Arod needs to hit is the issue.

      Both Cameron and Kate are gorgeous, I am just looking out for the team here. Boobs don't look great on every woman. Example the above to ladies.

      Arod is a blond man, always has been drown to them. Jeter likes brunettes.

  5. Kate says:

    As a female, the whole athlete thing is very appealing. Think about it, athletes make a woman feel safe and especially actresses who find it refreshing how "real" sports are in comparison to acting all the time. Plus still get the perks without as much drama.

  6. man boobs says:

    These are very nice points that I will try out, I am glad I ran into it. Thanks.

  7. Shawana Plourd says:

    Cameron Diaz got a perfect smile that can catch someone’s heart. She is really my idol and I love her so much

    • Kate says:

      Thanks Shawana, that is a little stalker-esque for Lady Loves Pinstripes. Let's just hope Cameron is doing whatever makes Arod smile ear-to-ear, like Kate Hudson did because he was never happier, nor playing better than 2009. That is why Diaz should take some lessons from Hudson….Thanks for the comment but it is more appropriate for a Cameron Diaz fan-site……

  8. Say what you want, but Cameron is absolutely beautiful. She is also a great actress and a patient person.

    • Kate says:

      I don't know Cameron Diaz, so I cannot attest to her patience level. I can state that Diaz is a mediocre actress with no Oscar coming her way anytime soon. I have seen Diaz in person and her skin is surprisingly really bad. I do love her fashion sense and she always makes great red carpet choices to flatter her figure.

      Arod played better when Kate Hudson was in the stands, smiling every game ear to ear. Not so much since Cameron has been around….