Yankees are learning Alex Rodriguez true worth Yankees are learning Alex Rodriguez true worth Yankees are learning Alex Rodriguez true worth

Yankees are learning Alex Rodriguez true worth

The worth of New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez has been scrutinized more times than Kim Kardashian’s love life.

Alex Rodriguez #13

But the kind of worth I am referring to is not the paycheck kind, as why would anyone worry about the money other than the people signing the checks?

The worth I am speaking of is winning.

Winning a baseball game is a team effort and sometimes the absence of one player can throw the team for a loop. As this can even make the most flourishing, and unbreakable seeming teams beatable.

It is no secret that the Yankees are losing lately, but they are not getting blown out.

That is because the starting pitching has been sturdy; and minus Ivan Nova, the other four have been putting the Yankees in winning positions.

The problem of late is that the bats are not getting the job done, and losing one-two and three run games, which is beyond frustrating.

And I deem a lot of the issue here is due to the absence of A-rod.

So, I did some digging and found that in three of the last four seasons the Yankees play below .500 baseball when A-rod is on the DL for an extended period.

YearDL StintW-L
2009April 16 - May 813-15
2011July 7 - August 2113-26
2012July 24 - to present5-8

In 2009 A-rod was out from April 16 to May 8, and the team went 13-15.

In 2011 he was on DL from July 7 to August 21 and the team went 13-26.

And so far in 2012 and sans A-rod since July 24th, the Yankees are 5-8.

The 2010 season is irrelevant here because A-rod didn’t miss a significant amount of time for it to matter.

Whether you think the above stats (facts) are meaningless in the saga of A-rod is up to you, but clearly there is a pattern here.

This verifies that the Yankees hit better when A-rod is healthy and in the line-up than not.

Since the All-Star Break the Yankees lead in the AL East fell from a seemingly insurmountable 10 games to a manageable 4.5 as the Orioles just won’t go away.The Bombers have also lost 12 of their last 18 games.

So the question is whether there is a team within the Yankees division to be concerned about?

Yes, and they are called the Tampa Bay Rays.

The third place Rays have fantastic starting pitching, and the recent return of slugger Evan Longoria elevates their playoff hopes. Tampa Bay is a legitimate threat and can shrink the Yankees six-game hold faster than you might think.

The bottom line here is the Yankees need to play much better baseball now, or else October will pass them by.

The Yankees schedule doesn’t allow for beating up on crappy teams and slipping into playoffs because they only play three series vs. teams (Blue Jays, Indians & Twins) that are currently below .500.


  1. toonman says:

    your points are valid.there are,however, other factors to consider.when their other stars start to play like they've already won something,it does not help to motivate the rest of the team.for example;jogging to 1st ,on ground balls,not giving that extra effort on balls hit to ,or around "2nd base".as gifted a player,as he may be,not hustling(on every ball,will eventually cost the team dearly.this player has the potential,to be the best ever,at his position,but will not ever accomplish it with his existing attitude.hope he can turn it around

  2. Train says:

    Finally, Someone notice something I been saying for the past couple of years. Instead of always throwing him under the bus, someone took notice. The Yanks can't win without A-Rod- and thats the bottom line. Say what you want numbers don't lie. The prove is in the pudding. Thanks A-Rod. wish you well and hope you be back soon.

  3. TSzar says:

    Yankees (or any team) cannot win without good SP; disagree with your "sturdy" claim.

    ARod in his prime wouldn't have made much difference lately with a rotation made up of an underperforming CC, really solid yet unspectacular Kuroda, no Pettitte, lost Nova, up-n-down (depending on opponent) Hughesy & ancient, slow pitch specialist Garcia.

    As the season progresses, Pineda's injury and corresponding loss of a potential #1b starter hurts more and more…

  4. Concerned Yankee Fan says:

    Yanks were already slumping when ARod went down….Remember the Oakland series??? He's farrrr from worth that salary and when he does perform, it's usually when they are up by alot or down by so much, they would never make it all of the way back.

    Cut him loose. What did he have, like 15 homeruns and 15 doubles at the time he went on the DL? Not acceptable.

  5. coolnewyorker says:

    A-Rod was a trophy figure acquired by the boss who relished in collecting them. (Catfish, Reggie, Giambi…)

    Now, A-Rod's true worth is a deficit, a minus, a liability…because he was and still is indeed a HOF numbers producer who do not, maybe cannot do well under pressure. .

    Pressure filled scenarios: batting in clutch situation, play-offs, Red Sox games, Fenway and Bosox crowd. These are all conditions where A-Rod is known for his disappearing acts.

    A manager's dilemma of a liability…because it's absurd to yank him out of clean-up position with such HOF numbers on his résumé while surrounded by more effective clutch hitting teammates. Each time he comes up to bat in any of these pressure situations there is this unavoidable wish from the fans for the future HOFer to produce… along with the inevitable resigned awareness that he does not produce.

    "He is just being A-Rod".

    Unfortunately, we are stuck with him. In due time, A-Rod with his number 13 retired, will be enshrined to the Yankees exclusive collection of Hall-of-Famers, a thought that truly bothers me. Imagine him next to Derek Jeter…and Reggie.

  6. Richard Griffith says:

    I love how you take a block of games to try and make your point. Nice try. The slide started with those 1 run games on July 19th vs Oakland. A-rod hit over .400 and we lost. I can show you 10 day blocks where he hit zip and we won. Are starting pitching ( Nova) and some of our go-to guys ( Grandy) are slumping. Moreover, our hitting with RISP keeps biting us.

    But try and use some common sense with the stats.

    A-rod is a nice 6th place hitter these days. His 2012 OPS+ of 115 is the lowest in his career. However, I think at times he makes others around him better. If we didn't have Chavy or Ibanez we would not even be contending this year.

  7. coolnewyorker says:

    In the last few years, the league has caught up with A-Rod's futility in clutch situation. Especially and more obviously this year, pitchers would pitch around Tex to go to A-Rod and then challenge him fearlessly as if pitching to another pitcher…sometimes evidently to try not to face Cano if A-Rod would be the third out.

    And that's why at clean-up, A-Rod is a liability.

    In short, the yanks lose or win regardless, or despite of A-Rod. In shorter phrase, A-Rod is irrelevant. Why Kate continues to gush over him (…also over AJ) is mindboggling.

    Leave it to Kate…and her propensity for irrelevance..