Yankees Labor Day Weekend review Yankees Labor Day Weekend review Yankees Labor Day Weekend review

Yankees Labor Day Weekend review

Chris Dickerson

Chris Dickerson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What did I learn watching the New York Yankees over Labor Day Weekend?


1 – Robertson to Soriano combo are still consistently solid as set-up and closer.

2 – According to the NY Post, A-rod should be back today; ESPN reported that Southpaw Andy Pettitte threw a 35-pitch bullpen over the weekend and is on track to return shortly, as all things are looking good. Also, Curtis Granderson could return to line-up today according the NY Daily News.

3 – Chris Dickerson.

4 – Yankees squeaked out a 4-3 win on Saturday over the Orioles, so they stay two-games up in the division even though they still lost the series.

5 – The Yankees are no longer the oldest team in MLB. The new Yankees-West now holds that honor, aka the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are now sporting a team average of 30.9 years compared to the Bombers 30.8.


1 – Derek Lowe cannot be trusted. Taking sloppy seconds from the Tribe was never a good idea but Lowe has digressed to being ineffective since his first appearance in pinstripes to a tune of a 5.79 ERA, while allowing seven runs, 17-hits, two homers over 7.2 innings pitched.

2 – Chris Dickerson arriving too late, as he could have been brought up from the get-go when Gardner went down.

3 – Skipper Joe Girardi is getting binder crazy again. Why take out Dickerson, in the rubber game on Sunday vs. the Orioles to pinch-hit Andruw Jones? Who hands the bat to a hitter who is posting a .143 batting average, with four RBIs and 10 strikeouts over his last 42 at-bats; over the guy (Dickerson) who hit a 2-run homer and scored the only other run in the 3-8 loss?

4 – Is it time to send Joba Chamberlain back down to minors considering he is posting an ERA of 10.57? In 7.2 innings, Joba has allowed 17-hits, 9 earned runs, two homers with just five strikeouts. ESPN’s Wallace Matthews thinks Joba was brought back to early after having Tommy John surgery and suffering a dislocated ankle. Well, luckily the rosters just expanded for Joba but otherwise, in my opinion, if the Yankees make the postseason they should be Joba-less.

5 – The Yankees start a three-game set at Tropicana Field today vs. the Tampa Bay Rays this afternoon. The Yankees are 1-5 at the Dome this season, and 2-10 over their last 12 visits to the Sunshine State. Reason to worry? Heck yea!!!

Bottom line is the Yankees will not make the postseason if they do not improve BIG time and starting TODAY. The bats are only hitting .250 with RISP (runner-in-scoring –position), which ESPN ranks as 19th in the Bigs.

And honestly, slipping in as via Wild Card only to lose that one-game or get killed in the ALDS might not worth be it. Maybe it is better to save face and it will motivate…remember 2009? That is what I thought. It is now or never to turn things around now.

“Don’t find fault. Find a remedy.” – Henry Ford


  1. Richard says:

    As I mentioned previously, this is a Price-less series, so maybe we can win 1. Glad Grandy and A-rod are back because our Strike out totals were getting a bit low. Hey, maybe A-rod can motivate the team after he strikes out 2 or 3 times per game.

    Yes coolnewyorker i am very cynical and Not a True fan this week. Thank goodness the G-men are in town.

    Agree Kate, Joba and lower pretty much mop up men. That's the best we have to offer with expanded rosters? Seriously???

  2. rogyanks says:

    For 2013, I would let Grandy go, keep Swiish, and give Josh Hamilton anything he wants ( you know the R Sox have a little bit of cash). Swish in left, Gardy in center and Josh in right. If only A-rod would retire early.

  3. vog says:

    I didn't know the O's had such a starting rotation. Or is it our pathetic hitting?

  4. coolnewyorker says:

    Numbers number numbers.

    Forecasting based on numbers alone is a very naive oversimplification of baseball.

    Fact is many other factors get involved in decision making…often unbeknownst to critics and the public. Unfortunately for STAT wonks, there are no googable numbers for these other factors.

    This pennant race is the tightest that I can remember in decades. Other than possibly the Reds, no team has safe enough cushion. The drive going to October can still be hugely impacted by September key players injury and recovered come-backers…or reinforcement
    "phenoms" and "hot hands" surprises from the farm.

    I am watching this pennant race with true fans who never say it's over until it's over(attribution to Yogi). Or with die hard fans who realizing they are going through hell with their team, just keep on going(attribution to a hard drinking Brit WWII icon…not unlike our own bleacher creatures).

    And yes, Richard…you have option which kind of fans you want to be next to watching this perilous drive to October….or how – with cynicism and dooms and glooms, or without.

  5. Richard says:

    The Fat Lady is warming up. I wonder what will she sing.

    How about this prognostication – We don't hit, we lose!!!!!!!. This game is not rocket science.

  6. Richard says:

    Hey, CNY

    I'll check back in a week or so with you and your true fans. Try not to spill your beer :)

    • LLP says:

      Richard – CNY has no idea what he is talking about.

      So, if the Yankees start playing better, which would not be some feat, CNY is going to say he deserves to cheer and we do not???

  7. coolnewyorker says:

    Hi Richard, I guess you have already given up. Not surprising given the time you spent with Kate.

    Meanwhile, no matter what, we-true fans- will have a blast rooting for our team. This is what true fans do.

    Spilling beer is part of baseball's fans' routine in rooting for their teams. Giving up before it's even close to being over is not…at least not to true fans. And certainly not to true Yanks fans.

    • LLP says:

      You call yourself a TRUE FAN??? The definition of the word "true" is being in accordance with the actual state of affairs.

      A true fan would realize that the Yankees are NOT playing well and are on the road to missing the playoffs.
      I still watch or attend every Yankees game with high hopes that this will turn around but since the All-Star Break there has been no sign that this team is going anywhere good. So, you can continue lying about what is actually happening but that makes you an idiot fan, not a true one.

  8. Richard says:

    When a True Yankee named Cano can't even stop the potential winning run from scoring why should I sit around and waste our time? It's a disgrace. You can spend your True $ if you want to but not I. Good luck Dr Cool!!!!

    • LLP says:

      Richard – I wish I was writing how the Yankees are fighting and grinding out wins. At least enough to keep some distance, which would entail playing .500 ball and they cannot even do that.

      • Richard says:

        It's a bad dream that I need football to distract me. So let's pretend we were 5 games back and have surged to a 1 game lead. That's what a TRUE Yankee fan would do. Seriously, we made our bed, let's hope its fun to sleep in. I hope for the best and cry over spilled milk.

        I'm sure CNY will bring us all to our senses.

        • LLP says:

          Richard….CNY is the definition of a "TURE FAN" according to himself and I am an undercover Red Sox fan who writes this blog about the Yankees. Red Sox fans have enough to worry about…but I hope the Yankees can get back to mid-season form again.