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Yankees: Kuroda’s consistency continues

Hiroki Kuroda

Hiroki Kuroda (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

In a season where the New York Yankees have been plagued by injuries and sub par performances, one player has stood out among the rest.

And that would be starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda, who dazzled once again last night up in the Bronx.

Kuroda lead his Yankees to a 2-1 win over the Angels, throwing eight innings, giving up just three hits, zero runs, a walk and seven strikeouts. It was the Bombers third win in their last four games.

The Yankees have come to rely on Kuroda unfaltering performances every five days.

Literally, the only element of consistency the Yankees have had this season is when Kuroda is on the bump.

Kuroda’s 11-7, and the team’s 14-10 record over his 23 total starts is not truthful.

That is because in six of his starts, the game resulted in a no-decision thanks to the Yankees anemic offense. As in all six, Kuroda threw a minimum of 6.2 innings, giving up just five earned runs and striking out 35 batters total.

Hiroki Kuroda - 2013 pitaching stats as of 08-13-2013

(All stats are courtesy of ESPN.com)

In my mind this is the stuff of a CY Young Award contender.

Kuroda represents not only top-level talent, but is the definition of a true professional.

Not many pro athletes these days maintain a respect for the game they play like Kuroda does for baseball.

And at 37-years young, Kuroda has been the only light in a rather gloomy Stadium up in the Bronx so far this year.

Kuroda was not named to the 2013 AL All-Star roster, which was a mistake on Tigers skipper Jim Leyland’s part.

Now Yankee fans can only hope that the CY Young award voters get it right.

Here are the stats of the top 10 pitchers in the American League thus far:

(All stats courtesy of fangraphs.com)

AL Pitchers Stats - as of 08-13-2013
Felix HernandezMariners1252.282500173.2684154514412331780.2371.08
Hiroki KurodaYankees1072.452311146.2582126414012281030.2291.05
Anibal SanchezTigers1072.582011125.251210440366381390.2201.13
Yu DarvishRangers1152.722200145.2587102464418501920.1921.04
Bartolo ColonAthletics1442.752333150.160315147461124800.2611.16
Chris SaleWhite Sox7112.772131149.1605123534613351610.2201.06
Max ScherzerTigers1712.842300158.1605108515014351750.1900.90
Hisashi IwakumaMariners1062.962500164.0648135595422281380.2180.99
Derek HollandRangers963.072411161.0668156615512461510.2511.25
David PriceRays653.171730119.146711050421416930.2451.06

And here are the last four years AL CY Young winner’s pitching stats:

(all stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com)

2009Zack GreinkeRoyals1680.6672.163363229.1195645511510242
2010Felix HernandezMariners13120.5202.273461249.2194806317701232
2011Justin VerlanderTigers2450.8282.403442251.0174736724570250
2012David PriceRays2050.8002.563121211.0173636016592205


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