Yankees do know how to do this Yankees do know how to do this Yankees do know how to do this

Yankees do know how to do this

New York Yankees

New York Yankees (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Three times over the last week, the New York Yankees could have sunk to second place in the AL Eastwith a loss, but they did not allow that to happen.

The Yankees won each time their top spot in the division was threatened, including yesterday afternoon’s 13-3 blowout of the Baltimore Orioles to spilt the series 2-2 in Camden Yard, which also verified that no umpire is going to decide this team’s fate.

It is no secret that the Yankees put themselves in this place, as they watched their 10-game cushion dwindle down to zero before comprehending that all their hard work was about to turn into a collapse.

My point is for a team that has been deemed as an expensive collection of has-beens’, and whom CBS’s Boomer Esiason professed will not make the playoffs this season, they sure don’t give up.

Look I am not in total denial here, as it is true, the Yankees are older, richer or do have a torrid love affair with the home-run but that doesn’t change the fact that this team wants and still can win.

As stressful as this has been for Yankee fans this situation, minus the injuries, could work in the team’s favor down the stretch.

Certain teams are at their best when their backs are against the wall; and for the Yankees the added pressure over the next 22-games regular season games will force them to stay extra motivated, which I believe will work in their favor down the stretch.

Sometimes good competition amplifies one’s self-motivation and will to win. And I think that is this Yankees team in a nutshell.

“You can lay down and die, or you can get up and fight, but that’s it — there’s no turning back.” – Jon English




  1. vog says:

    A Boomer prediction. I should take that to the bank. He should stick to his bad football advice. What's the point?

  2. Uncle Mike says:

    Keep in mind, Norman Julius Esiason is a Jets fan from Long Island. Most of those are also Met fans. In other words, what does he know about baseball? Certainly, not as much as he knows about football.