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Yankees: Jacoby Ellsbury’s “precautionary” injury

English: Jacoby Ellsbury leading off first bas...

English: Jacoby Ellsbury leading off first base in a baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And the nightmare begins again…. OK maybe I am being a tad over-dramatic here.

But learning via the NY Daily News that New York Yankees Jacoby Ellsbury will be missing some games as a “precautionary” measure made the bad memories circa 2013 feel all to real again.

Of course, Yankees GM Brian Cashman gave his usual blaze nonsense when asked about Ellsbury’s sore right calf, “We’ll make sure we take care of this and if that takes a few days or a week, so be it.”

Knowing Ellsbury’s injury track record isn’t comforting either, as just look at his batting stats, specifically games played and his WAR, for the last five seasons.

Jacoby Ellsbury - Batting Stats 2009-2013

(stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com)

Evidently, if history does repeat itself, Ellsbury is in for an injury-riddled 2014 season. And also don’t forget that Ellsbury’s legs are vital to his game, hence his stolen base numbers.

Right now Ellsbury is just that handsomely overpaid, homegrown Red Sox who the Yankees inked in the off-season over Robinson Cano until proven otherwise.

Look, the last thing I want to do is jinx the Yankees, but all Spring Training I have waited for the other shoe to drop.

Is this irrational and ridiculous behavior?

A little, but I think petrified is a more proper word.

As Spring Training has turned into something I just hope the Yankees can get through in one piece.

I wake up every morning ready for Boomer and Carton to tell me something bad happened, or read a New York Post headline reminding me that these 2014 Yankees are still fragile.

Well for now, Ellsbury’s tight right calf is just an issue.

But please don’t act stupefied if in a week this setback is actually a malfunction.

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