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Yankees: Injuries, schedule, winning

Following winning two of three games vs. the Pirates over the weekend, the New York Yankees are back atop the AL East with a pitiful 23-20 record.

It is no big secret that the eternally dominant AL East has alarmingly turned into the weakest division in baseball. (All stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com and MLB.com)

2014 AL EAST Standings - as of 05/20

And unlike the past, suffering from being internally uber-talented is no longer the culprit.

It seems the perpetrators for the Rays, Red Sox, Yankees and Orioles is lack of offense, and minus New York, the rest of AL teams. The Blue Jays have managed to stay even record-wise across the board, and are the only team hitting. And the NL teams have not posed an issue yet.

The Yankees happen to be the only one in the AL East yet to play one game against an AL Central team, but are about to start the second series vs. the Cubs tonight, which is odd. They are under .500 against the AL West; a 5-6 record I believe will flip back to in their favor soon.

Regardless, is this seemingly scheduling misadventure a good thing for the Yankees or not?

Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Michael Pine...

Ex-Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Yankees Michael Pineda (36) (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

With all the recent injuries that will keep CC Sabathia out till July, Michael Pineda out till mid-June and Carlos Beltran heading to see Dr. James Andrews about the bone spurs in his elbow the Yankees actually got lucky.

Huh? How?

No doubt the hottest team in baseball is the mighty Detroit Tigers, and the Yankees do not have to think about the Triple Crown bat of Miguel Cabrera, nor the CY Young arm of Matt Scherzer until August 4th in the Bronx.

They do have a 17-game stretch starting May 30th where they will face the Royals, Twins, and Mariners, who are all about on the injured Yankees level.

Only real problem is six games vs. the best team in the West, the Oakland A’s are mused between, but otherwise the Yankees should be able to stay afloat pending everyone remains decently healthy.

Bottom line is the Yankees are not destined to sink while awaiting their pitchers returns, as the majority of the teams they are facing are beatable. Of course this doesn’t set anything in stone, but it should breed a little more confidence in Yankees Universe.

And unfortunately, Tanaka Time only happens every five-days, so Masahiro’s All-Star teammates are going to have to start playing like it more consistently.

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