Yankees are you or are you out Yankees are you or are you out Yankees are you or are you out

Yankees are you in or are you out

Logos and uniforms of the New York Yankees

Logos and uniforms of the New York Yankees (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is not much more to say about the New York Yankees.


Getting there.


Feels more nauseating.


I wish but that was last week.


My finger is officially on the button.

So, know the question is, are the Yankees in this pennant race or not?

What do you think?

Please share your opinion on the 2012 Yankees below:

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  1. earnest burrus says:

    yankes will finish first

  2. John says:

    Earnest, what team have you been watching, we all hope this team can flip a switch but if they could don't you think it would have happened by now?

    I hope you are right but these guys are hard to watch right now…

    • LLP says:

      If the Yankees can hit they can beat any team out there, John. They proved it for almost 2-months and if they get hot right now it would be perfect!!

  3. vog says:

    Not sure why the survey had Jeter since he is one of the bright spots ( unless he hits his patented 6-4-3 double play ball – ok lets include him). Our age is showing – 4,5,6 hits per game. Strikeouts are mounting. It will be a long off-season – one with LOTS of changes. What luxury threshhold?

    I'm not even watching anymore- breaks my heart. Go Big Blue!!!!!!!

    But hey, were tied for first – Hard to get excited about that.

  4. Tom Carrol says:

    Get rid of Cashman, He only can get old men to play On July 31 he said his pitching would last? Get rid of Jones he was good 20 years ago now hehas 12 homeruns that makes a season. A Rod should be sold or pay him off so he can go and gamble.. Tex get hurt too easy and CC is so fat He can't get the ball over His belly. Hughes needs to be send to the minors for training ,Nova need some self confindance maybe a little Scranton for Him again. They really need toget some Young players like the Royals,the Angels. Old men are for the old timmers game let's get rid of Cashman and start a youth program give the kids a chance.

    • herb levine says:

      i really do not think that you know what yo.u are talking about..you are 10 games up by having a bad team? The yankees have a great team, and when certain pitchers, players go down, it not the same yankees team that puts you 10 games up, they do happen, part of the game, mr carrol you are in the wrong place

    • LLP says:

      Tom – I totally agree with you. What happened to the improved farm system???? Traded or left to rott to long in the minors…..the Yankees of the last 10 years are only used to buying not developing.

  5. Vog says:

    Shouldn’t the title be “Are You In or Are You Out?

  6. coolnewyorker says:

    Kate's blog is the only one among all bloggers that have the taunting ribbing tone that one expects from a Red Sox fan. I am not surprised since I knew all along that she is NOT a Yanks fan. She loves to hover around Yanks fans as doomsaying harbinger of bad news. Dunno, exactly why.

    Kate aside, it certainly is a very perilous journey to October, given the status of this team: decimated injury-ridden and vet fill-ins crew…which surprisingly managed to stay afloat for so long. And still on top, albeit not alone.

    I will watch this tightest pennant race with excitement I have never experienced before…pretty much like going on a journey through unchartered water. Que sera sera.

    For all it's worth, I share the trepidation true fans are now dealing with. And like 'em, I have not given up…for all it's worth.

    As Yogism goes: "It ain't over till it's over". Or Churchillism: "When going through hell, keep on going".

    • LLP says:

      CNY – I am glad you have deemed yourself the definition of a "TRUE FAN." And really can you stop with the Red Sox accusations….it is ridiculous and you never give any credit for when I do tip my cap to the Yankees because you only see what you want. It is getting boring…

    • vog says:

      So Kate is a Red Sox spy infiltrating the inner workings of the Yankee Universe? Then maybe you could do us all a favor and just read the Yankee blogs. I'm sure they would love to have you opine for them.

  7. vog says:

    How about: "Winning is the most important thing in my life, after breathing. Breathing first, winning next.
    George Steinbrenner

    We have been breathing took much lately!!!!!!