Yankees Ichiro and Kuroda bring Japanese pride to the Bronx Yankees Ichiro and Kuroda bring Japanese pride to the Bronx Yankees Ichiro and Kuroda bring Japanese pride to the Bronx

Yankees Ichiro and Kuroda bring Japanese pride to the Bronx

Usually admitting when you are wrong can sometimes be a good thing, and I was wrong about Ichiro Suzuki.

English: Ichiro Suzuki playing the Yankees at ...

English: Ichiro Suzuki playing the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the Yankees announced that they had traded for the Mariners biggest star outfielder, I did not think that it was a great idea. I had figured that helping the lull in ticket sales at Yankee Stadium would be all about all Ichiro would bring.

My rational for not loving the idea of Ichiro was legit, and embraced by many other Yankee fans. It was a fact that Ichiro’s numbers had significantly declined in the past two seasons; and then you factor in that he is 39-years old and you do not have an ideal formula.

Well boy was I wrong, as since donning the pinstripes the old-young version of Ichiro has resurged.

Ichiro Suzuki - 2012 August (mlb.com)

And in the Yankees 4-1 win over the Red Sox this past Sunday night Ichiro 3-for-4 with two solo homers, while his fellow countryman Hiroki Kuroda dazzled on the mound once again.

After an up and down start as a Yankee, since June Kuroda has been the pinnacle of consistency since June and has been a quiet savior in pinstripes.

NYY Hiroki Kuroda - June-Present 2012 Spilts (baseball-reference.com)

Japan should be beaming with pride, as their two countrymen are now becoming icons in the Big Apple too.


  1. coolnewyorker says:

    Kate, this is your take on Ichiro's signing: "Yankees trading for Ichiro Suzuki is alarming". "Honestly, I am in shock that this trade happened unless the Yankees are trying to start a senior circuit here".

    Ichiro is not the only player you quickly and dismissively greeted at signing.with utmost disrespect And he is not your only hostile "welcome aboard" bashing victim.

    What most baseball afficionados called "veterans" you callously labeled "washed up", "long shot", "done" . You smirked at their trades as "Cashman's brain fart", "crap"…even before they have begun sweating in pinstripes.

    On all of them, you've been quickly proven wrong. WRONG.

    Stop ingmake a mockery of yourself. Seriously, just because you can make 360 mea culpa each time your bashing routine backfires does not mean you should continue to be so abrasively WRONG.

    Next time your hostile nature gets the best of you, pause… then think more than twice before you hit the keyboards. Your readers are getting tired and sick of your bashing blogs. Get it right.

    • LLP says:

      CNY – I am NOT always wrong but i was hesitant regarding adding Ichiro because he is almost 40 and his stats give good reason for worry.

      And please tell me how I am always WRONG??? Burnett can still pitch…..Hughes is not reliable……and I am not alone here in my thoughts.

      You should go back and read my posts when I LOVED HUGHES…..his performance and lack of work ethic has been the reason for my change of heart.

      I am not a Yankees basher…..but you seem to find a way to be negative towards me in every comment and that is getting frustrating because you can NEVER give me any credit. I am fair in my opinions and they are NOT far off base, as many agree with what I write. You should go around the Yankees blogosphere and check it out because there are plenty of people more negative than me.

      Just because something involves the Yankees doesn't mean it is going to work all the time. And players get judged on their stats and Ichiro's stats were NOT good when he came to NYY so how is that bashing a player??? I am just laying out the facts.

    • LLP says:

      CNY……I base my opinions a lot on statistics because that is a player's job performance record. Ichiro was a gamble, look at his last 2011-2012 numbers in Seattle; it was ugly!!!

      Watching rookies like Mike Trout, Austin Jackson, half the Rays roster, Bryce Harper etc. gets me excited and I am wondering what is going on in the Yankees farm system??!! As it seems that players get traded or falter….

  2. Richard says:

    The change of scenery for 38y/o Ichiro seems to work as it does AJ in Pittsburgh. At 38, he's in great shape and who knows what will happen. Once again, Cash has taken an aging VET and served him the Fountain of Youth. Sept is not for rookies and it could have backfired but it didn't. Where would we be without Chavy and Ibanez?

  3. richard says:

    And lets not forget old man Kuroda. He's almost 40 (37)

    • LLP says:

      Yes Richard but Kuroda's numbers did not decline like Ichiro's did. Ichiro is having a resurge but it was a gamble because his numbers were down since very end of 2010 till he came to the Bronx.
      Also, Yankee Stadium is packs it in and when the team travels the stadiums are packed as well…..Ichiro is not used to that at all.

      Just to say….I wish NYY fans had cheered AJ some but they had him pegged before he even made a start. AJ is legit and the Yanks are paying him. AJ even said that the boo-ing was too much in NYC and that he wish he could have preformed better in that environment.

      • Richard says:


        In 2011, AJ's ERA was 6.28 on the road and 4.41at Home. So, why was he so bad on the road??? Yankee Fans????? Look at his splits and try again.

        Look at the stats!!!!!!

  4. coolnewyorker says:

    Kate, even as already proven wrong, you continue to blindly adhere to mere statistics..some of which you don't even know how to interpret and apply relevantly. You repeat them without understanding…like a well trained talking parrot.

    If Pittsburg had based their decision purely on STATs, AJ had no chance. Obviously there are other parameters real experts utilize in evaluating players. But you would not know any of them. They are not quantifiably measurable to be STATs..You have to know the nuances of baseball to even realize they exist.

    How else would these Vets you quickly dismissed as "washed up" perform in pinstripes contrary to your STATs.

    And stop blaming the fans or anyone else for AJ's failures in pinstripes. It's utterly embarrassing and emasculating. No self respecting man would blame others for his failures. Seriously, you are portraying him as a wimp which he is not. But I guess you would not know that. or you would have stopped already.

    It's incredible. Even when I think you meant well, you are still insutling. And you do not know that, either. Good grief!

  5. coolnewyorker says:

    Be proud of Ichiro, too.

    For more than a decade, as Japan's most notable contribution to MLB he has been nothing short of exemplary. Ichiro is Excellence. Dignity. Class.

    Contrary to Kate's quick dismissive disrespectful and very WRONG (yes, she has been wrong all year long) premonition about him, Ichiro will be anything but what Kate called "washed up" "done" player.

    Ignore her bashing ways. She really does not know.