Yankees: Hughes starting tonight is a joke - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Hughes starting tonight is a joke - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Hughes starting tonight is a joke - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: Hughes starting tonight is a joke

After beating Buck’s Birds for the second night in a row 5-4, plus some key losses, the New York Yankees have propelled themselves to one behind the

Phil Hughes pitching on April 18, 2008 against...

Phil Hughes pitching on April 18, 2008 against the Baltimore Orioles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tampa Bay Rays in the Wild Card standings.

Tonight, at Camden Yard, is the last time the Yankees will play the Baltimore Orioles both in this four-game set and in the 2013 regular season.

As things stand now the O’s are 76-78 and Yankees are 77-68, leaving Baltimore only a half-game back in the Wild Card standings.

With the two teams tied 9-9 on the season, winning tonight’s game is vital if the two AL East rivals end the season tied.


If the O’s and Yankees end the regular season tied for one Wild Card spot they will play a tiebreaker on September 30th and the winner moves on to playoffs, while the loser goes home.

Home field advantage for this tiebreaker is decided, according to MLB rules, by the two teams head-to-head winning percentage during the 2013 regular season.

The Yankees home record is 44-31, and away it is 34-37 so that makes them a below .500 team away from the Bronx. So in this intense scenario, home field could be the difference maker.

So that is why I cannot believe that Yankees skipper Joe Girardi is going to hand the ball to Phil Hughes tonight.

I get that the Yankees are short on starters but Girardi has never been shy about making scheduling changes to the rotation to put the team in a better position to win.

Girardi is a numbers guy as he is a by-the-binder manager, so how did he miss this?

The Yankees are playing the most critical game of the season, and are starting the worst pitcher in the rotation in Hughes.

Hughes got demoted to the bullpen for being that bad just two weeks ago, so Girardi had plenty of time to figure out a plan.

Tonight marks the 14th game the Yankees have played in a row. Not surprisingly, the bullpen has been way overworked already so bringing in a pitcher whose  who is a long shot to make it through the fourth innings is a joke.

Not to mention that they head to Boston tomorrow for three more vs. the hot Red Sox before they get an off day.

Hughes has been so bad that this is irresponsible of the Yankees to start him, as his numbers are atrocious.

WARNING: Phil Hughes pitching stats below.

(all stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com)

Nick Markakis4846153027270.3260.3540.5220.876
Adam Jones424282027070.1900.1900.3810.571
Matt Wieters363360014280.1820.2500.2730.523
J.J. Hardy252551013020.2000.2000.3600.560
Chris Davis2422410112100.1820.2500.3640.614
Brian Roberts171621001020.1250.1180.1880.305
Nate McLouth1614105011220.7140.7501.2862.036
Manny Machado121040000120.4000.4550.4000.855
Wilson Betemit111050012130.5000.5450.8001.345
Danny Valencia8811002010.1250.1250.2500.375
Mike Morse7720002050.2860.2860.2860.571
Ryan Flaherty5520011000.4000.4001.0001.400
Alexi Casilla2200000000.0000.0000.0000.000
Chris Dickerson2220022001.0001.0004.0005.000


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  1. George says:

    Then the joke is on you this time. 1 ER/3 innings; I'll take that. He was on a pitch count so he kept us in the game.

    • George – the joke it not on me as Hughes shouldn't be in this position in the first place. His total inefficiency all season is the reason the Yankees have him pitching just 3 innings, and they head to Boston with a depleted bullpen. Girardi pulled him out of the game because if you look at his game log stats from this season 3-innings is about all Hughes is good for…just cause the bats showed up last night doesn't change what is already a fact.

      • George says:

        You must be new to this game. He's in the bullpen now (because he sucked) but with our depleted bullpen he was on a pitch count announced during the game. He pitched to a 3.00ERA this game, so he pitched well regardless of how many runs we scored later on in the game. I'll take Hughes over Joba!!!!!!!!

        • George the point I was making to you was that Hughes is being paid $7+ million bucks to be a starter, so he couldn't do his job.

          The Yankees would not have been in that situation in Baltimore if Hughes did his job. He would never have gone to the bullpen in the first place but the Yankees continued to start him regardless that he has won 4 games, lazy one in July. Girardi would not have pulled Hughes if he was pitching so well…he was about to get lit up that is why he was pulled.

          I would put my mom on the bump over Joba so that is not a a very comforting comparison.

  2. Peter says:

    Hughes and Huff both gave up 1ER in 3 innings. Try to focus on the now. Both were on pitch counts because yes the bullpen is overworked/injuries. They both performed well. Hughes struggles this year are pretty apparent. However, for this GAME he pitched well and Run Support had nothing to do with it. If you want us to take you serious, focus on what we comment on vs going off on some tangent.

    • Peter….I know Hughes was on a pitch count but Girardi called it a "limited pitch count." That basically translates into whenever the Yankees coaching staff saw the bats about to rake against Hughes.

      Remember Peter, Hughes should not be in the bullpen in the first place. And he stunk in his first relief outing anyway. If he could be even a decent fifth starter….the Yankees bullpen would be in better shape.

  3. Peter says:

    You are an expert at not addressing the comment. He pitched well this game for 3 innings. Nothing else is germane.