Yankees: Hughes saw the Puig show - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Hughes saw the Puig show - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Hughes saw the Puig show - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: Hughes saw the Puig show

I was supposed to see Hiroki Kuroda pitch last night vs. the LA Dodgers, but thanks to Mother Nature I had to endure another Phil Hughes catastrophe.

Dodgers Yasiel Puig - 06-20-2013 - Yankee Stadium

Dodgers Yasiel Puig – 06-20-2013 – Yankee Stadium

After Tuesday night’s game got bumped making Wednesday a doubleheader, the older of the two starting pitchers traditionally picks the game he wants to start in.

Kuroda picked the day game, which worked out great as the Yankees won 6-4 with Mariano Rivera clocking his 25th saves of the season.

Heading into the doubleheader the Dodgers were 10-20 on the road, and have a 29-39 record, which has kept them in the NL West cellar all season long.

Plus LA was countering Hughes with Chris Capuano on the bump, and his numbers make Hughes look like an ace.

Capuano came into the game with a 1-4 record over eight stars, with an ERA of 5.45. In his last two starts he was tagged for eight runs, three homers and seven walks.

So as I headed up to the Bronx on the 4-train, I was hopeful that if Hughes can muster up a good outing the Yankees could win this game no problem.

Well that dream was short-lived, as things got ugly real fast for Hughes, who got spanked around from the get-go.

Hughes gave up five runs, 10 hits and no walks with just three strikeouts over six innings pitched. He got tagged with the loss, making Hughes 3-6 on the season.

Now to be fair the Yankees offense was useless, mustering up three hits in total and made Capuano look like a CY Young contender.

During the game my emotions went from yikes to utter torture. And by the time I finally convinced my friend to get the heck out of dodge literally my stomach was churning. I would have run back to Manhattan if need be as the Yankees lost the game 6-0.

The game did have one awesome thing happen, and that was watching the Dodger’s new outfielder Yasiel Puig live.

Out seats were five rows off the field, between first base and right field so I got the full “Puig Show” and is even more phenomenal in person.

Puig bunted in his first at-bat. He not only successfully moved the runner; he safely reached first base himself.

And when he fielded his first ball defensively, I thought he overthrew the ball because it was going what seemed to fast and high. But Puig threw it dead on into the mitt of the catcher.

It is safe to say that all Yankees fans were thinking the same thing, where is our Puig?

Watching Thomas Neal and Ichiro Suzuki knowing Puig was ripe for the taking last season fresh out of Cuba made me so jealous.

I have thought for some time that the Yankees scouting was suspect as how you miss out on guys like the A’s Cespedes and Puig certainly proves something isn’t working.

Look at Puig’s numbers, even in the short time he has been in the Majors, are just astounding (stats courtesy of mlb.com):

Yasiel Puig - 2013 Batting Stats

Certainly will help the Dodgers -45 run differential down the line.

Puig is the kind of player that could help the All Star loaded Dodgers team back on track, as they are only 8.5 games back in the NL West but time’s a wasting.

So, I guess watching Hughes stink again it was worth it to see the début of the “Puig Show” in the Bronx because for good reason is the hottest ticket in MLB.

Yankees welcome their divisional rival’s the Tampa Bay Rays starting tonight through the weekend for four games.  These are games the Yankees need to win so the Rays don’t pass them in the AL East standings, where now they are in third.

The bottom line after splitting this doubleheader vs. the Dodgers is welcome to the Big Leagues Mr. Puig.

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One Comment

  1. Richard says:

    Even though you somehow managed to get into Hugh's corner last time, you seem more comfortable now bashing him. Your consistency is stunning. That said, it's time for Hughes to go. To bad we did not hang on to Wang ( another pitcher you castigated), who has tied his wagon to t surging Toronto and has been lights out.

    Next year we loose Kuroda, Pettite and Hughes. Time to open the wallet Hal!!!!