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Yankees: Same old Hughes excuses

Who else wants to see New York Yankees David Phelps in the starting rotation

Photograph of Phil Hughes taken on April 29, 2...

Photograph of Phil Hughes taken on April 29, 2008 at Yankee Stadium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After watching Phelps come and stop Phil Hughes from completely embarrassing himself against the Baltimore Orioles, I certainly do.

The excuses for Hughes poor performance made by YES Network’s Michael Kay and  Paul O’Neil during the game were annoying but completely legitimate. But what bothered me was how recklessly the Yankees have treated Hughes.

O’Neil asserted how Hughes missed all of Spring Training due to a bulging disk in his back, which is true.

So, why Hughes was on the bump in the first place?

Last weekend the Yankees called Hughes to make an “emergency” start vs. the Tigers instead of making a rehab start in Triple-A. Hughes hadn’t faced live hitters since last season, which makes the minor league start almost imperative.

Hughes started in place of Phelps who was originally scheduled to start but got moved to the bullpen, again.

How Girardi thought starting Hughes fresh off an injury that held him out all spring was a good idea is beyond me. Putting a pitcher against a home-run happy line-up like the Tigers in his first outing back is plain out reckless.

Not to mention Hughes penchant for injuries, which makes the decision look even more irresponsible on the Yankees end.

Just to clarify, by no means am I blaming Hughes for his poor starts at least not completely.

Admittedly, watching the Orioles hit three bombs off Hughes yesterday did muster up some bad memories. I couldn’t help but think of the 35 homers Hughes gave up in 2012. It was the second most homers given up by a pitcher in baseball last season.

I am not saying Hughes is ineffective all the time but along with Ivan Nova the backend of the Yankees rotation is a mess. One of them has to go, where I don’t care, but Phelps deserves a chance now.

Here are Hughes and Phelps stats so far this season, a small sample size but still counts:

Phil Hughes22407179832410.29
David Phelps033488330383.38
Hughes vs. Phelps - 2013 All stats courtesy of MLB.com and ESPN.com.
GSgames started
BFbatters faced
IPinnings pitched
ERearned runs
HRhome runs
BBbase on ball
ERAearned run average

I believe Phelps will only get better if the Yankees would give him multiple starts in a row.

The inconsistency and uncertainty of going from the bullpen to the rotation back to the bullpen does nothing to help a prospect’s talent mature.

Remember a guy named Joba Chamberlain?

Enough said.

The bottom line is the time for Phelps to get a real chance is now.

Go buy some Yankees tickets to see Phil Hughes pitch with your own eyes.

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  1. Steve Karsay says:

    For me 2 starts is too soon to judge, i don't doubt that Phelps is the superior pitcher right now but I'm not sure hes ready to give the Yankees the 5 inning bare minimum every 5 days. Not that Hughes has been able to pitch deep into games but the hope is that within the next 2/3 starts he can get there.

    I'm with you on the 4/5 combo in the rotation though… Watching Nova and Hughes pitch is beyond frustrating. I don't have any stats on this but these two have to be leading the league in full counts.

    • LLP says:

      Steve – I hear you about it being early to judge Hughes, and you are correct.

      Hughes frustrates me to no end as he had so much potential that I feel he didn't work enough on to get better.

      The Yankees also should not have let him skip his rehab start to face the Tigers. That was reckless in my opinion.

      Phelps deserves a shot in the rotation, as Nova really has had enough chances already. Nova is progressively getting worse and maybe some time in Triple-A would do him some good.

  2. coolnewyorker says:

    There she goes again. Kate is dense. She does not learn.

    Kate was harsher and meaner and more toxic on her assault of Hughes last year, the whole year. But she was proven wrong…as always… with Hughes ending up the winningest among Yanks starters with one win more than CC.

    Hey, Kate…it's April. Remember last year's April when you went ballistic on Hughes? You were silly then and you are now even silier if not more idiotic for demonstrating failure to learn from past experiences. Pitchers do this a lot. Remember Verlander a week ago? Or CC on opening day?

    Common, Kate, be nicer to yourself. Stop showing YB readers how idiotic your articles are. Think more than twice before hitting your keyboard.

    • LLP says:

      CNY – Hughes went 16-13, with an 4.23 ERA in 2012. He gave up 35 homers, 42 doubles, 90 earned runs and walked 46 batters so Hughes was just ok last year.

      A pitchers W-L record doesn't dictate how well he pitched because a lot factors in there. Hughes got 6+ run support in 10 of his 16 wins, which is a HUGE help.

      Also, CC was on the DL twice last season and he NEVER is hurt….so CC gets a break, as he has certainly earned it.

  3. Steve Karsay says:

    Lol shes far from alone on wanting to give Hughes the hook. I think every Yankee fan, even when Hughes throws his typical 6 inning 3 ER average start feels disappointment, this guy was supposed to be the goods and its very doubtful he ever will be. Not in NY anyways. Hughes on a NL team in a pitchers park is a different story but as it is hes a fly ball guy pitching in a band box. Not ideal.

    • LLP says:

      Thank you Steve….CNY lashes out about anything I write, which is fine but wish it was done more constructively as I love a good debate. I do appreciate your comment though.

    • richard says:

      This Yankee fan would take 6 innings 3.00 ERA every time.