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Yankees: Can Houdini stay healthy?

Enter David Robertson.

The New York Yankees deemed heir apparent for the great Mariano Rivera in the ninth inning.

No doubt a huge task to fill such big shoes, but one that D-Rob (aka Houdini) has certainly earned, as over six seasons he has been one of the best relievers in baseball.

2008-2013 - David Robertson - Career Stats - Reliever

(Stats courtesy of baseball-refernce.com)

D-Rob is not Mo, but that does not mean he cannot save lots of games for the Yankees. As undoubtedly, this guy can strike batters out.

But in order for any pitcher to be successful, he has to be able to get on the mound; and looking back that has been an issue for the 2011 All-Star.

Seemingly, over his career D-Rob has been a little fragile. He has suffered from a slew of different nicks and bruises that prompted him to miss time.

Everything from elbow tightness to spraining his ankle from falling down the stairs…here are some D-Rob injury tweets spanning from 2009 to present. Please refer to each tweets dates to see the trend.

The bottom line here is the Yankees have no insurance if D-Rob misses anytime, which inevitably seems impossible to avoid.

See even if D-Rob just tweaks something that entails him missing a few save opportunities’ it might cost the Yankees two or three wins.

But that is enough for the Yankees to miss the postseason, once again, in 2014.

After spending all that money not shoring up the bullpen is a cheap reason not to be playing baseball in October.


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  1. Maria says:

    So far D-Rob seems to be in good shape, I hope he will be a strong part of the Yankees team so they can play out their full potential…

  2. Maria – I hope you are right, but looking at D-Rob's history, he has been nicked up every single season since 2009. A few 15-day DL stints in there too, not just being unavailable for a couple of days. Unfortunately, if D-Rob winds-up missing even two or three save opportunities this season, it could cost the Yankees a postseason berth.

    Point being is the Yankees presently do not have a D-Rob to step in for D-Rob if need be, like Mo had him, and Soriano back in 2012. Soriano literally saved the Yankees season that year. And Andrew Bailey doesn't count as he is coming off major shoulder surgery and wouldn't even be available to mid-season, if at all.

  3. Steve Karsay says:

    I sure hope he stays healthy. If he spends time on the DL it would probably result in a closer by committee scenario.