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Yankees: Houdini to DL

All it took was one text to ruin my good mood from the New York Yankee Opening Day win against the Orioles.

Like many other baseball nerds, I opt to have text message alerts when there is breaking news about Yankees.

And at exactly 4:45pm this afternoon, my iPhone’s text message went beep and it was the last update I was expecting.

When reliever Sean Kelly closed out today’s 4-2 win, against Baltimore instead of Mariano Rivera’s heir apparent David Robertson, nobody blinked.

D-Rob has been used in three of the Yankees last four games, so skipper Joe Girardi not making him available today was likely.  

David Robertson

David Robertson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Actually, you could easily call his absence presumed, as D-Rob was up to his old eighth inning, Houdini antics of walking batters but escaping without any crossing home plate in two of his three outings already.

Hence the nickname Houdini also tends to drive up D-Rob’s pitch counts, so letting him rest today with the Red Sox coming this weekend seemed just dandy.

The question I have is where and when did D-Rob get hurt?

It was just yesterday that D-Rob got the save in Toronto, and yes it took him 21-pitches to lock it down but he looked great.

I mean this guy throws serious heat, and you don’t have to Einstein to notice that D-Rob takes an abnormally long stride  forward in his delivery.

Sports Illustrated Tom Verducci wrote a great article in 2011, explaining how D-Rob’s stride shortens the ball’s time in the air, which essentially bumps his fastball up by 2+mph.

And that is why his delivery makes it almost impossible for D-rob to be able to throw through the pain from a Grade 1 groin injury.

So did D-Rob trip walking up the stairs of the Yankees charter back to New York?

Or did he slip while dancing around in the shower after earning his second straight save?

Did you forget Spring Training back in 2009?

D-Rob showed up to practice in a walking boot after slipping down the stairs in Tampa carrying boxes.

This guy has a terrible injury history and that is why I never understood why no back up closer was acquired for during the off-season. That is why I thought signing Grant Belfour or Fernando Rodney for insurance made sense.

I hate to say I told you so…but I did make a point in asking Can Houdini stay healthy?

Get ready for “closer by committee,” which is never pretty, unless Koji Uehara has a cousin no one knows about.

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One Comment

  1. Richard says:

    So far Warren/Kelley look pretty good. Maybe even your BFF Phelps will start to contribute.

    It's time for the offense to contribute so we don't need all those save situations.