Yankees Hot Stove: Youks got to be kidding me - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Hot Stove: Youks got to be kidding me - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Hot Stove: Youks got to be kidding me - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees Hot Stove: Youks got to be kidding me

The New York Yankeesoff-season remains at a standstill, which isn’t so surprising when you have an ownership that refuses to offer anything more than a one-year contract.

English: Kevin Youkilis pointing skyward.

English: Kevin Youkilis pointing skyward. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


See good players, like solid bench guys can usually get two-year deals.

The young and most talented will easily get multi-year offers from many ball clubs.

So that leaves the Yankees with veterans, the household name guys who were once the young and talented so they don’t need the money as much but isn’t quite ready to hang up their gloves yet. Also living closer to their family’s factors in more, and the fact that their bodies are worn down from playing for 15+ seasons.

So now the Yankees are just continue to wait to see if their latest one-year proposition to 33-year old, Kevin Youkilis gets accepted. FYI… Youkilis will turn 34 prior to the start of 2013 season.

I first heard about the $12-million offer via a YES Network’s Jack Curry tweet back on December 4.

Shockingly the news came around the same time A-rod’s latest injury news was revealed that he needs surgery on his right hip, which means the Yankees will be sans a third baseman for most of 2013 season.

[tweet https://twitter.com/JackCurryYES/status/276026709655040000]

According to ESPN his agent confirmed that Youkilis has been mulling over the Yankees lucrative offer for a week already.

The Yankees had no choice but to match the dollar amount that he made in 2012 even though Youkilis had a terrible 2012 and has been very injury prone the last few seasons.

He hasn’t played in more than 122 games since 2009 when he played 136 due to various injuries.

Youkilis finished with a batting average of .236 over last season, where he spilt time between the Red Sox before being happily traded to the White Sox, as things were a mess in Boston.

Youkilis did win two World Series rings as a Red Sox but hasn’t played in a postseason since 2009, where he posted a .083 batting average.

Have a look at his 2009-2012 batting stats for yourself; all stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com:

Kevin Youkilis - Batting Stats 2009-2012
Kevin Youkilis - Batting Stats 2009-2012 con'd.

Not to mention how Yankee fans feel about Youkilis in the Bronx not as a part of the enemy.

As a fan myself, I never thought the day would come when such a vaunted Red Sox, like Youkilis would do anything more than spit on a Yankee uniform, much less wear one and not just as a Halloween costume.

Do I mind if Youkilis does end up on the Yankees?

No but what other choice is there when the Yankees ownership doesn’t care about winning, or the loyal fan base.

The sad part is that at 34-years old, Youkilis would be one of the average aged players on the Yankees in 2013, so maybe it his body will fake itself out into believing he is younger.

Regardless, Youkilis has other offers from the Indians, Dodgers and Mariners so he could very well bail on the Yankees and in one sense I hope he does.

Selfishly, I want Youkilis to go elsewhere just for the pure gratification that Hal Steinbrenner starts to really feel the burn because I don’t think he even cares about the damage he is ensuing. And rejection might be the only way for Hal to get his act together but not sure if it might be too late for that now too.

This is an unimaginably sad day for Yankee fans, as having to watch the team they love be treated so carelessly but ownership. Having to basically beg declining veterans just to make sure every position is filled come Opening Day marks the Armageddon of Yankee Universe, and it is really sad.

I guess we will know soon enough if Youkilis will be a Yankee or not.

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