Yankees Hot Stove: Youks welcome to the Bronx - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Hot Stove: Youks welcome to the Bronx - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Hot Stove: Youks welcome to the Bronx - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees Hot Stove: Youks welcome to the Bronx

English: Kevin Youkilis(left) , Alex Cora(cent...

English: Kevin Youkilis(left) , Alex Cora(center), and Dustin Pedroia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For almost a decade if anyone heard Kevin Youkilis and New York Yankeesin the same sentence you can bet that it was not friendly banter.

So a week ago, when Yankees beat writer Bryan Hoch confirmed the rumor of the Yankees making a $12-million, one-year offer to the ex-Red Sox, I honestly didn’t know what to think.

At that point I became numb, as the Yankee brass is sticking with their decisions about how they want to run this baseball team whether anyone agrees with it or not.

This made hearing yesterday’s news, courtesy of a tweet from FOX SPORTS Ken Rosenthal confirming that Youkilis accepted the Yankees offer, much easier to fathom.

[tweet https://twitter.com/Ken_Rosenthal/status/278634850896990209]

Look I do not hate the idea of Youkilis in a Yankee uniform in 2013; I just hate this off-season, as it has been one thing after another.

And you can’t blame the guy, as only a fool would walk away from that kind-of green. Youkilis recognizes he is worth about half that money, but he is being fairly compensated for the Yankees lack of years.

Overall this Youkilis signing has to sting a lot more in Beantown than the Big Apple. As I can promise you Red Sox Nation cannot be happy about one of their homegrown boys, who was part of the 2004 and 2007 World Series teams, crossing over and joining the enemy.

And the fact that Youkilis was traded to the White Sox mid-2012 has no bearing considering the mess that was going on in Boston, so talking about it is just white noise.

Some fans are comparing it to when Johnny Damon came to New York, but remember he was only part of the 2004 Red Sox. Damon came up with the Royals, and played for the Athletics before heading to Boston, which is way different.

Just imagine the agony Yankee fans would endure if the Red Sox signed Robinson Cano after next season, as it would hurt.

But at this point I wouldn’t hold your breath about Cano being a Yankee forever with Hal Steinbrenner at the reins.

Bottom-line is that I am still reeling in all the mixed messages coming from Yankees ownership that have turned into blatant lies.

Nothing feels worse in life than trusting someone only to realize that they are making false promises.

Well on that note, there is not much left to say except:

Welcome to the Bronx Kevin Youkilis!



  1. richard says:

    Damon, part of the 2007 Red Sox? He came to NY in 2006.

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