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Yankees Hot Stove: Waiting to be fixed

New York Yankees fans are chomping at the bit for some action to happen this off-season.

English: Jorge Posada (#20, left) with Mariano...

English: Jorge Posada (#20, left) with Mariano Rivera (middle) and Derek Jeter (right) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The wound from Boston’s dagger is still fresh, and Yankees fans want what inherited owner Hal Steinbrenner promised, a “championship caliber team.”

Of course Hal said this last year, and he has yet to rescind his “goal’ of keeping team payroll south of $189 million. Actually, he reaffirmed it earlier this week, which is suspect for sure.

As I have stated countless times already, the Yankees cannot field a World Series contending team without going over $189 million bucks.

Why not?

I will give you a short list:

–       The farm system, which the Yankees have worked hard at developing since after the 2004 World Series, has now completely rotted.

–       In turn there is no homegrown prospect emerging, sorry to bust the bubbles of the fans that think the Core Four part deux is on route.

–       Too many holes fill that cannot be filled correctly on the cheap. Second base – third base – two maybe three starting pitchers – a closer – a legit catcher (two backups do not count) – a lefty reliever – right fielder – best bench in baseball.

–       Shopping in the bargain bin last season failed and things are much more dire this offseason.

What boggles my mind is how many naïve Yankees fans answer is to rebuild from the bottom and work on the farm system.

Maybe these people do not realize that the Yankees have worked tirelessly on fixing farm system since the 2004 ALCS in an attempt to copy the Red Sox model.

The farm system has gone from almost obsolete to an overflowing mess and there is no exact formula to guarantee much of anything. It is a game a chance.

So as Yankees fans play the waiting game, they will keep filling the void by taking the rumor mill to literally, myself included.

I know that it is a total waste of time but personally it beings me some peace after a season with no October and another Red Sox championship win.

Here are the latest Yankees rumors being tweeted on twitter:




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