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Yankees Hot Stove: Tootles Tanaka

The New York Times reported yesterday that the Rakuten Golden Eagles will not be posting Japanese pitching sensation Masahiro Tanaka even though he has stated his wish to come to play in the United States.

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Nothing has been made official but according to the article, the Golden Eagles are going to double or triple Tanaka’s current $4 million salary to compensate for not respecting his wishes.

As the saying goes, presumption is the mother of all f*&#^@s so until Tanaka’s status is made official there is hope that the latest news turns out to be just a rumor.

After learning about Tanka’s latest, I saw an article by Wallace Matthews on ESPN New York titled: Source: Yanks set to move on sans Tanaka.

The opening paragraph in Matthews article was as follows:

Although they have yet to be officially notified by the Rakuten Golden Eagles that Masahiro Tanaka will not be released to enter Major League Baseballs posting system, the New York Yankees are moving forward with plans to shore up their starting rotation minus the Japanese star right-hander.

I immediately thought the Yankees are obviously going to bid on Ervin Santana or Matt Garza because the rotation is a mess.

  • CC Sabathia is coming off his worst season in his career.
  • Hiroki Kuroda is about to be 40-years old and went from CY Young contender in the first half of last season to struggling veteran post All-Star break.
  • Ivan Nova is a youngster who is Jekyll and Hyde on the mound.

That leaves the Yankees with two open spots in the rotation, and possibly three considering the three above all come with questions marks. And waiting on Tanaka’s status, you run the risk of losing out to another teams for the remaining top free agents arms.

Well, to my surprise, according to ESPN New York “sources” the Yankees plans are really no plans:

In the meantime, sources within the Yankees organization say the team is likely to fill the remaining holes in its rotation through competition from within — the leading candidates are David Phelps, Michael Pineda and Vidal Nuno — as well as with non-roster invites, a practice that worked well for them in 2010, when both Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon, signed to low-cost minor league deals, made the club in spring training and wound up making significant contributions during the regular season.

Earlier this week, sources told ESPNNewYork.com the Yankees had no interest in the starting pitchers still available on the free-agent market, notably Matt Garza, Ervin Santana and Ubaldo Jimenez.

Now I am wondering how the Yankees are moving forward sans Tanaka?

Tanaka’s status is not confirmed, so is this a warning to us fans?


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  1. Scott says:

    He'll be posted next week. Count on it.

    • LLP says:

      Exactly what I think Scott…and the Yankees better bid on him. The ESPN article seems like a PR leak by the Yankees so fans don\’t freak out when they do not bid on Tanaka.

      The Yankees are \”moving forward with plans\” and \”not waiting on Tanaka\” but looking internally isn\’t a viable alternative or excuse to not make a go at Tanaka if he does get posted.

      I would not be shocked if the Yankees had something to do with the Tanaka\’s posting status change reported by the NY Times yesterday. Why would the Japanese team not have announced it already, as no reason to wait if that is the case.

  2. Richard Griffith says:

    This is not rocket science. Well maybe to some. Yanks have and will continue to explore other avenues up and until Tanaka is posted. Everyone knows it is dubious at best, so one cannot be left out in the cold.

    My Xmas present: Trade Gardy for a #3/4 SP and get Choo!!!!!

  3. Jarred says:

    If Tanaka is finally posted, you can fully expect the Yankees to be all in on Tanaka. The Yankees need a pitcher in the rotation, and Tanaka looks to be the perfect fit.