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Yankees Hot Stove: Sign Soriano pronto

Rafael Soriano

Rafael Soriano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Word on the street, courtesy of a recent Sportscenter segment by ESPN’s Buster Olney, is that the Detroit Tigers will be in hot pursuit of New York Yankees closer Rafael Soriano this off-season.

The 32-year old Soriano can opt out of his current 3-year, $35 million contract with the Yankees and here are three reasons why he is likely to do just that. To bet on sports stuff yourself, check out this site.

First off because his agent is Scott Boras and a player doesn’t hire him to be a shoulder to cry on, but more to “show me (client) the money.

Secondly, Soriano has proven he is a force in the ninth inning, and had no problem doing it on the biggest stage in baseball, the Bronx.

And finally, other MLB teams than the Yankees have the money to pay him.

But what might keep Soriano in the Bronx is a $14 million payday for 2013.

The Yankees are on the books to pay Soriano that much money for next season, which is certainly more than he would make for one-year of service anywhere else. My guess is offers will probably come around 3-4 years, at around $25-35 million with one cause obviously depending on the other.

If Soriano stays in New York, he could collect his $14 million, become a free agent and get a nice two-three year deal before the 2014 season. And the likelihood that team would be the Yankees is quite high.


If you are wondering why the Tigers are so interested in Soriano, here are two:

1 – Maybe because Jose Valverde stinks. Sorry but Papa Grande’s 2011 success looks more like a fluke. Just look at the difference (refer to first table) in Valverde’s ERA, SO, ER, ERA, WHIP and SAVES over the last three years with Tigers. And than, look out his catastrophic (refer to second table) 2012 postseason stats.

Jose Valverde - 2010-2012 Stats
Jose Valverde - 2012 Postseason Stats

2 – Second place is just the first place loser. – Dale Earnhardt.

The Tigers just got embarrassingly swept/choked in the World Series by the San Francisco Giants in their own house, which should make any team even hungrier. As the sting of losing a World Series, and the sweet taste of being that close should motivate ownership to fix what is broken. And even though ex-Yankee Phil Coke filled in beautifully for Valverde, he was the only trustworthy reliever and that is not a winning formula.


The Tigers were a big problem for the Yankees in 2011 postseason, when they lost the ALDS in 5-games in the Bronx, I was there and it hurt.

Technically the Tigers were the team to end the Yankees in the ALCS this season, but I chalk up that exit more to the Yankees inability to hit than the opponent.

Maybe you think that is a ridiculous theory but trust me my mom could have been on the bump throwing a tennis ball and Yankee hitters would have made her look CY Young worthy.

Mind you there is also the Mariano Rivera reason but that is irrelevant because no matter what Mo won’t be back in 2014.  So, it would be pretty stupid for the Yankees to throw away a secure replacement for the greatest closer ever to play the game because odds are they might not find another one.


  1. cyril morley says:

    If Rafael Soriano want opt-out of contract, let him go. Everything team had young player now, the Yankee should do the same and keep salary down. Look at Arod, cant hit just doing the wave

    • LLP says:

      Thanks Cyril….but I have to disagree with you. The importance of a good closer and bullpen is essential for any team that wants to succeed. Closers get looked over all the time….saying "every team has a young player" is what i talking about. Reality is not many pitchers can do what a closer does, and you can't just throw any young kid into the tole. Yes, the Braves, and Reds have young closers but Mariano was once young too and it is a rare breed who can sustain success in that role consistently. You need to be able to hand the ball over in the ninth inning in close games knowing that you have a guy who will win it 95% of the time.

      And FYI…the Yankees do not have a young player for the role and D-rob was not ready and might never be as we saw last season. Soriano was the MVP of the 2012 for the Yankees and inking him to a three-year deal would save the Yankees a mighty headache down the road.

      • richard says:

        The Yankees 2012 MVP is either Jeter or Cano.

        Cy Young: Sori or Kuroda

        Would make for a nice Post though.

  2. cyril morley says:

    Pitcher the Yankees should look at Francisco Liriano, Dallas Braden, Koji Uehara, Daniel Hudson, Anibal Sanchez, Jonathan Sanchez, Dan Haren, Edwin Jackson and Kyle Lohse. R/P Pitcher to look at Jonathan Broxton, Joakim Soria, Ramon Ramirez and Neftali Feliz.
    Players to look at B.J.Upton, Grady Sizemore, Melky Cabrera, Delmon Young, Dioner Navarro, Victor Martinez and Kevin Youkilis.
    Keep Hiroki Kuroda, Ichiro Suzuki, Mariano Rivera, Eric Chavez and only if Andy Pettitte & Raul Ibanez all 1year deal and low cost

  3. LLP says:

    Francisco Liriano, Dallas Braden, Koji Uehara, Daniel Hudson, Anibal Sanchez, Jonathan Sanchez, Dan Haren, Edwin Jackson and Kyle Lohse. – NO TO ALL THSES GUYS AND WE DO NOT NEED STARTERS IF KURODA AND PETTITTE RETURN.
    B.J.Upton, Grady Sizemore, Melky Cabrera, Delmon Young, Dioner Navarro, Victor Martinez and Kevin Youkilis. – NO TO ALL THEM EXCEPT MAYBE UPTON. YOU GOT TO BE CRAZY THINKING THAT CABRERA OR YOUNG IS COMING ANYWHERE NEAR NY. Martinez – is too old keep Martin; pitchers love him.
    And FYI….Ibanez was great but he will cost more and not coming back; Chavez – whatever; Ichiro, Pettitte and Kuroda YES!! RIVERA – rather have Soriano. Sorry.

    If we took any of the players on your list the Yankees would have the same problems a the plate x 100.

  4. Tanned Tom says:

    You think that after signing for 3 years at $35 mil, and then putting up good numbers in 2012, Soriano will have to take a paycut? Because you suggest 3-4 years at 25-35 mil. I think he will be looking for a raise over the annual value of just under $12 mil. Probably take 3 years for $40 mil or 4 years at $55 mil to sign him.
    Let him go. That's too much money for a closer not named Rivera. Mo comes back the pen is solid. Mo retires, then D-Rob closes. or Joba. That's not a great option but better than overpaying for Soriano.
    As for Cyril's list of players – you must be hitting the crack pipe! Those players mostly suck or are too old , or both.
    This team was too old last year (ave. age 31.5), so it's important we get younger. It's bad enough we'll bring Pettitte, Kuroda, Martin, Suzuki (all good players, but all over 30, Andy over 40).

    • richard says:

      The Giants are the 3rd oldest so there is much more to it than age. But if you have a few 25 y/o's that are available and have the same numbers as the old guys, let's here it.

  5. Joi Tyms says:

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