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Yankees Hot Stove: Are you ready to not spend money

While everyone’s hearts and prayers are with the victims of Hurricane Sandy, MLB’s off-season has gotten underway and the New York Yankees have already had a lot happen.


So, Yankee fans brace yourselves because the free spending ways of the Boss are over, as his son Hank will only be shopping the sales this Christmas to make sure the organization is at $189 million by 2014.

Yes, Hank is trying to play by MLB’s rules, which means keeping payroll under $189 million in 2014 or pay a hefty 50% luxury tax as it would mark the fourth season in a row the Yankees would be over MLB’s yearly payroll limit. See under new MLB’s new bargaining agreement the luxury tax is charged to teams who go over the set-spending limit. The tax is based on a trickling system where the % rises for repeat offenders but if a repeat offender keeps its payroll at the set maximum for just one season, the process resets itself the following year.

Translation, the Yankees would be killing two birds with one stone by dodging a 50% tax rate in 2014, while resetting the process back to the league minimum of 17.5% in 2015. So basically be charged like they had never gone over the payroll limit set by MLB before, which is not a bad deal.

Problem is imposing this kind of spending moratorium will put winning the World Series way out of reach, and I am just not ok with that.

Regardless, I will write a separate article explaining this new frugality situation, in leman’s terms sometime over the next few weeks.

As for now here are some Hot Stove updates that happened during Hurricane Sandy:

1)       On October 29th, aka Hurricane Monday, Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News tweeted that the Yankees exercised the 2013 options for RHP David Aardsma, 2B Robinson Cano and CF Curtis Granderson. This was a given, as all are good moves by GM Brian Cashman. As for Cano, he is a player the Yankees want to stay in pinstripes but he is reportedly looking for a 10-year blockbuster deal so by exercising his option it buys the Yankees time, while giving Cano a reason to show off in 2013.

2)       On Tuesday, October 30th MLB announced the winners of the 2012 Gold Gloves for top defensive players at every position in both leagues. The all managers and coaches vote for the winners, but cannot vote for their own players. Both 1B Mark Teixeira and 2B Robinson Cano won at their respected positions, so CONGRATULATIONS TO THEM BOTH!

3)       On Halloween closer Rafael Soriano exercised his opt out clause. Soriano was entering his third year in New York and was to make $14 million but is leaving the money on the table to test the free agent market. This came as no shocker, as Soriano will get multi-year offers from other teams as he is a proven force in the ninth inning that will help any club win games. And according to ESPN’s Mike Wallace, Cashman said he wouldn’t be in the mix either. In my opinion, this is a bad move and one they will regret even if Mariano Rivera returns for 2013. Rivera is the best closer baseball has ever seen, but at age 42, the likelihood of him performing as well as the 32-year old Soriano is unlikely. Regardless, Rivera wouldn’t pitch past 2013 so that will leave a hole again; not to mention the $15 million the Yankees will have to pay him for his farewell tour. If winning the postseason is still the goal in New York than the Yankees should pay Soriano like a top-closer because he will help them get there. I truly believe that finding a formidable closer is no easy task, especially in the Bronx, but they did. And now reality bites, as super-agent Scott Boras will find some other sucker, aka the Detroit Tigers to overpay Soriano for the simple reason that he will help a team win when it counts. Boras says that Soriano is seeking a 4-year, $60 million deal to be a closer, which is totally absurd but these days nothing would surprise me. If Rivera retires, the Yankees should offer Soriano 3-years, at $20-25 million; and according to Cashman, Mo might be hanging up his gloves.

4)       How could a week go bye without it involving Alex Rodriguez, who is now being blamed for Hurricane Sandy (kidding). The media cannot help themselves by continuing to broadcast that the Yankees want to move A-rod, but no one wants him. USA Today’s Bob Nightengale wrote an article that was down right nasty, and to be honest desperate as he failed to mention what the Yankees would do if they did trade A-rod. Who would play 3B? And whom would the New York media get to exploit to sell papers?  A-rod is a media darling for guys like Nightengale but as I have said before, enough is enough. I think A-rod will make a come back in 2013, as he will work his butt off to make sure of it. Lets remember A-rod had an unfortunate accident this season when King Felix’s pitch broke his wrist, so he did miss 6-weeks. Personally, I think A-rod will make a big come back in 2013, as he will work his butt off to make sure of it. And me and the other 10 A-rod fans can relish in our loyalty, ok that was a tad extreme.

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