Yankees Hot Stove: RA Dickey - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Hot Stove: RA Dickey - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Hot Stove: RA Dickey - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees Hot Stove: RA Dickey

New York Yankees Brian Cashman is one of 30 GMs in Indian Wells, Californiaat the annual GM meetings, where the biggest news happens in hotel suites as it is considered baseball’s annual trade fair.

R. A. Dickey

R. A. Dickey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GMs offer up players they are willing to listen to offers on, as trades and free-agent signings are typical with usually at least one or two blockbuster announcements.


So, the latest news to come via FOX SPORTS Ken Rosenthal is that the NY Mets are willing to listen to offers on CY Young candidate RA Dickey. Dickey has one more year on his current Mets contract, with a $5 million paycheck.

Dickey is the sole knuckleballer left in the Bigs, who went 20-6 last season, with a 2.73 ERA. So, the fact that any team would even consider trading this guy is beyond me but it is the Mets and they need a change in ownership more than anything. That is for another time.

Now, the fact that Dickey is 38-years old would normally be a concern but knuckleballers tend to have more longevity than the average pitcher. That’s because a knuckleball is pushed not thrown; it hovers around 65mph so it puts less strain on a pitchers arm.

What makes Dickey’s knuckleball so rare is that he throws it harder than the average, which is clear by the 230 strikeouts he had last season.

Now there is no doubt that teams will be scrambling to see what package they can offer the Mets for Dickey, but he won’t come cheap especially that he could win the 2012 NL CY Young Award.

Would the Yankees ever make a go at Dickey?


Well, as a New Yorker one would hope that the Mets wouldn’t jeopardize the ounce of pride the franchise has left but the Wilpon’s are hell-bent on keeping the Mets even though they cannot afford to run them properly.

Anyone hearing that a team is considering trading away their ace following a CY Young worthy season certainly does not breed that good times are coming. And Mets fans have been through hell and back again, while living in Yankees Universe.

If anything just out of pure respect for the Mets dwindling fan base, as put perfectly in a must read article by Jerry Kremer of the Huffington Post. The rumor alone is making Mets fans ears bleed.

I mean it was around this time last year that GM Sandy Alderson promised that better days were coming, so my question is how does making trade fashion a winning formula?

From a Yankees perspective, they really have nothing to offer the Mets that won’t cost them or the Yankees a lot of money.

And the Yankees starting rotation is darn good already, presuming that And Pettitte and Hiroki Kuroda come back in 2013.

So, technically I wouldn’t rule anything out just yet as you can never say never, but this working out is highly unlikely.

But in all seriousness, it is about darn time the Mets to become a competitive again as their losing-ways are just unacceptable. So, trading Dickey should be a no-no.


Dickey is 38-years old, and the Yankees love nothing more than inking aging players. And since Dickey’s potential longevity is greater Cashman and the Yankees brass could very well view him as a younger.

Scary Stuff?

Most definitely, but if last season proved anything it is that the Yankees attempt to emphasis developing its own players was a hoax as they are back to their old ways.

The promising looking farm system made up of players like Austin Jackson, Phil Coke, Melky Cabrera, George Kontos, Arodys Vizcaíno, Jesus Montero, Ian Kennedy…to name a few are now helping other teams win, while the Yankees watch.

Fans are once again watching the Yankees sign against aging superstars with hopes that one last hoorah in the pinstripes will win the franchise to another World Series ring. And the beloved core four are left with no prospects to pass their torches too.

So, the bottom line is, never-say-never when it comes to a household name that is old; and that obviously includes Dickey too. Oh and just to remind you Dickey is making owed just $5 million next season. Holy cheap, as the Yankees bat boy has a bigger contract than that but will Mets expect a lot back regardless because he is that good.

You just never know what the baby Bosses, President Randy Levine or COO Lonn Trost has in mind about what they think will help the team, so you always have to be ready for anything. And that means even something like trading for Dickey.


  1. richard says:

    Virtually nothing ever happens at the GM meetings. It's mostly administrative and golf. If anything, it may lay the foundation for the Dec winter meetings, but rarely are there any major trades.

  2. lolo says:

    News flash!!!! We are down to the Core 3. Moreover, no youngster will replace Mo so I have once again missed your point.