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Yankees Hot Stove: RA to AL East


R. A. Dickey

R. A. Dickey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FOX Sports Jon Morosi AND Ken Rosenthal just reported that the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Mets have officially agreed on a trade sending 2012 CY Young winner RA Dickey to Canada for a handful of very talented prospects.

The deal’s only hold-up was that Dickey wanted a well-deserved contract extension, and the Washington Post has stated that Toronto stepped up to a tune of 2-years for $25 million bucks. So off to Canada goes Dickey.


This trade is just more bad news for the New York Yankees because as of today they are not a playoff caliber team.

Dickey is a knuckleball pitcher who throws hard, which makes him very tough to face.

In 2012 Dickey went 20-6, with 230 strikeouts, an ERA 2.73 and took home the NL CY Young Award, which is the MVP for pitching.

The Yankees do not have much experience vs. Dickey, as the 37-year olds career really only took off in 2010 with the Mets took a chance on him. Still, what is on record is not something the Yankees would ever hope to see more of. (All stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com)

Robinson Cano721000110.2860.3750.4290.804
Alex Rodriguez821000020.2500.2500.3750.625
Derek Jeter510000120.2000.3330.2000.533
Mark Teixeira710013010.1430.1250.5710.696
Curtis Granderson600000210.0000.3330.0000.333
Brett Gardner400000120.0000.2000.0000.200
CC Sabathia300000000.0000.0000.0000.000
Chris Stewart300000000.0000.0000.0000.000
RA Dickey vs. New York Yankees 2010-2012

Bottom-line is the news of the Dickey trade only makes the Yankees off-season, or lack there of sting a lot worse.

You have to contemplate that the 2013 Yankees are an inferior team and are not going to be able to beat teams like the Blue Jays, Tigers and Angels, who have made significant improvements this off-season.

On paper Yankees were a much more competitive ball-club in the previous two years, and they have no youngsters to reignite a team with six-players already 37 years old and up.

Also, the Yankees don’t have the prospects to make any trades like the Blue Jays because they only have a few talented youngsters left.  So, unless Hal Steinbrenner plans to close the farm system down for good it is going to be a long season in the Bronx.



  1. lolo says:

    You over hype just about everything. You conveniently fail to mention that after 2 consecutive 1 hitters, we scored 5 runs off of him. Small sample size but you offered nothing at all.

    On paper all those teams you mentioned are better. So were the Angels in 2012 and what happened to them. The question should be are we good enough to earn a wild card spot. Play ball!!!!!

    • LLP says:

      And the Angels were NOT considered better than the Yankees last season. Actually most people picked the Rangers to win the AL West again….and the Yankees to win the East or WC.

      YOU WROTE…"The question should be are we good enough to earn a wild card spot."

      When did the Yankees become a team whose goal is to win a WC spot? I thought the Yankees were supposed to be a team contending for the division??? Right now they are neither…

  2. lolo says:

    Also, do a little research on our prospects. Read a little Keith Law analysis and see why we are ranked #10 out of 30 teams. So we do have a few youngsters others may want. Major league ready, NO but that's not what you wrote.

    You get this wrong in virtually all your posts!!!!

    • LLP says:

      And they might never be Major League ready….how many prospects have become stars within the Yankees system.

      I think David Phelps has a shot, but the best prospects the Yankees brought up are on other teams now. Austin Jackson, Ian Kennedy and Jesus Montero. The Yankees can have the best farm system ever but they have problems trusting youth over age, which is why they trade them or mishandle them. It doesn't take other teams 5-years to get guys stable like Hughes and Joba, as it was the Yankees confusion that crippled these two.

      Bullpen to starter – back to bullpen sent down too Triple A – back up to starter etc…. I think you get my point.

      And of course other teams want prospects but what will the Yankees be left with if we trade more of them?

      Not much as they don't want to spend any money….so it is time to decide to dedicate themselves to youth or go sign high fee agents. That is if Hal Steinbrenner ever does more than talk about winning, and actually put a team on he field that can.

      • richard says:

        "how many prospects have become stars within the Yankees system."

        Jeter, Cano, Mattingly, Pettite, Hughes, Joba, Bernie etc etc Are you kidding me?

        How can we trade our prospects when you say we don't have any other teams want?

        Ypur on;y consistency is your inconsistency, with all due respect!!!!!!!