Yankees Hot Stove: Peralta, PEDs and payroll - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Hot Stove: Peralta, PEDs and payroll - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Hot Stove: Peralta, PEDs and payroll - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees Hot Stove: Peralta, PEDs and payroll

No other team has been linked to every free agent available like the New York Yankees have this offseason.

Jhonny Peralta

Jhonny Peralta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With so many holes to cork almost any big name players available could fit somewhere in the Bronx next season.

All this confusion makes it impossible to decipher what top free agents the Yankees are really pursuing.

Maybe all the hype is part of owner Hal Steinbrenner’s grand plan to keep payroll under $189 million, so when Curtis Granderson, Brian McCann and Robinson Cano do not report to Spring Training but Jhonny Peralta does he can at least say hey, we tried are best.

Peralta, along with 11 of his peers was suspended 50-games for using PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) in connection with sleaze ball Tony Bosch and his infamous Biogenesis Clinic down in Miami.

All 12-players suspensions ended just days before the start of the postseason, and the Tigers were elated, as Peralta posted a .333 batting average, with six RBIs, four doubles and a homer.

The two-time All-Star was clutch and was easily was one of the Tigers MVPs of the 2013 ALDS.

The question on many Yankees fans mind is whether signing an admitted PED user is in the Yankees best interest considering all the A-Rod drama?

I am a firm believer in forgiveness but to a point.

Even though Peralta denied using PEDs at first, he came clean and seemed genuinely sorry for letting down the Tigers and the fans.

Mistakes happen and Peralta is human so this does not bother me as much.

What confuses me is if the Yankees are heavily interested in Peralta, why did they prioritize signing Brendan Ryan for two reasons?

1) I have never heard of team carrying three shortstops, catchers yes but infielders not to my knowledge. There are only 25 players on the active roster so seems like a waste of space to me.

Also, NBC Hardball’s Craig Calcaterra just reported that, “His (Ryan’s)signing by the Yankees is an indication that, nope, the Yankees don’t plan on going out and getting a new everyday shortstop. Rather, they’ll hope Derek Jeter can handle the job for one more season, with Ryan around to spell him and replace him late in close games.”

So I am confused at all these news outlets claiming the Yankees are very interested in inking Peralta, or if not him than Stephen Drew.

This sounds like more smoke and mirrors to make fans think the Yankees are in it to win it regardless of keeping payroll below $189 million for 2014.

2) The Yankees reason for signing Ryan was for a defensive upgrade at shortstop, to fill in for Derek Jeter, who is not going to play everyday. Peralta is completely the opposite of Ryan, as his defense is not great. So what is the deal here?

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  1. Tom says:

    All good questions. I would sign Peralta or Drew as the regular shortstop, Jeter RH DH, and Ryan as the proverbial backup.

    • Tom I totally agree but Jeter is not a great DH….as he is better as leadoff or in the two hole where he was for majority of his career. If the Yanks sign McCann, Grandy and Cano….maybe Jeter can serve as the RH DH. Fact is Jeter is a better hitter when he is in the field. Also, I believe Jeter's determined to return at shortstop will be enough for him to start a majority of games.

  2. Tom says:

    The DH can bat anywhere in the lineup, right???

  3. Tom says:

    Fact is his slash line is virtually the same as a DH, albeit only 272 career AB's