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Yankees Hot Stove: Another nonsensical move

Just as fans start to comprehend that the New York Yankees are all about one-year deals this off-season, the brass throws another curveball that makes no sense.

A. J. Pierzynski A. J. Pierzynski (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Here is the gist of it:

–       Russell Martin signs a 2-year, $17 million deal with the Pirates, as Yankees didn’t even counter the offer as it was one season too many.

–       Yankees watch their everyday starting catcher leave, and now have a big hole.

–       The leftovers are Romine, Cervelli and Stewart who are backup catchers and defensive replacements at best.

–       Presumably the Yankees are on the hunt for a legit everyday backstop that would accept a one-year deal.

–       MLB.com reports that free agent catcher AJ Pierzynski has accepted a one-year, $7.5 million deal to play for the Texas Rangers in 2013.

–       Pierzynski is 35-years old; and he posted a .278 batting average with 27 home runs and 77 RBI for the White Sox in 2012.

Um… what happened here?

The Yankees need a real starting catcher and so the rumors about them being in discussions with Pierzynski were considered just a given.

It was assumed that Pierzynski would want more than a one-year deal, which obviously would hinder the Yankees likelihood of getting him.

So when the news broke that the Rangers snagged Pierzynski for just a season it was very confusing but the explanation was the Yankees were concerned about Pierzynski’s defense skill-set.

But what really boggled my mind was when I read this tweet from CBS Sports Jon Heyman:

[tweet https://twitter.com/JonHeymanCBS/status/281920673000083456]

[tweet https://twitter.com/JonHeymanCBS/status/281962000450478080]

Didn’t make an offer?

Worried about defense?

Oh please.. that is the poorest excuse ever, as the Yankees won four World Series with Jorge Posada (didn’t make 1996 PS roster) who was not exactly known for his defensive prowess but could rake.

In his 15-year career, Pierzynski has a career batting average of .284 but what number really stood out was the .316 BA in RISP he posted last season.

It is no secret that the Yankee bats struggle big time with runners-in-scoring-position so not even making Pierzynski an offer is unbelievable to me.

I am getting the distinct feeling that Hal Steinbrenner is behind this and poor GM Brain Cashman looks like the fall guy again.

So if anyone can explain this differently to me….please do.

Just to give ou an idea here are a few tweets about how other Yankee fans reacted to this news:

[tweet https://twitter.com/fenway617/status/281997849040932864]

[tweet https://twitter.com/SportsAllDay_/status/282135364817285122]

[tweet https://twitter.com/dfiregirl4/status/282109737456246786]

[tweet https://twitter.com/RobAbruzzese/status/282005390777004034]

[tweet https://twitter.com/YankeeSource/status/281962416399581184]

[tweet https://twitter.com/DBYankees1/status/282326854218682369]

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[tweet https://twitter.com/NYmadePrimo/status/281972927207968768

[tweet https://twitter.com/THold42?protected_redirect=true


[tweet https://twitter.com/JohnLGoodman/status/281956261182984193]


  1. richard says:

    OK, I'll take a stab:

    Could it be because AJ arguably had his best Offensive year in 2012 at age 35?
    Sometimes it's what people don't say.

  2. Tom says:

    I have lived thru my share of mediocre Yanks teams . And sometimes you get a little worse before you get better. I read an article that said the Yankees would like to be like the Rays -with money. IF they can build op the FARM and develop core players like Jeter, Cano, B Williams, Pettite, Posada from years past and supplement with FA's that's the Strategic way to go.

    Tactically speaking I to want to win every year. I also realize that we have the highest payroll, not the smartest

  3. Ken Hans says:


    I couldn\’t agree with you more. I am getting very concerned with this brain trust or should I say lack there of. Hal has really sunken this team to the embarrassment of the AL East. Cashman to me has always been a 2nd tier GM that has gotten way too much credit for winning world series on an open checkbook. We now get to see the real Brian Cashman in action because he has to get creative and make trades, which he can\’t do because he is inept. His farm system is in shambles and there is nothing above Single A on the farm. He trades his best prospect for not just one damaged goods pitcher but two damaged goods pitchers. He hasn\’t drafted a stud pitching prospect since he has been the GM and he has either traded for or signed the likes of Pavano, Weaver, Igawa, Wright, Felciano, Brown, Vasquez twice. Traded for Granderson with a prospect that is clearly better than Granderson and younger and cheaper. I feel this clown or someone with knowledge needs to blow this team up and trade, Cano, Granderson, Hughes and Tex and get younger and get more athletic in doing so. Lets face it we aren\’t signing Granderson or Cano so instead of letting Cashman get draft picks in return which he won\’t draft anyone decent anyway lets get some players back. Let Stick Michael come in and pinch hit for Cashman on the trades. Lastly we as Yankee fans needs to let the Bean Counter Known as the Little Stein know we aren\’t going to stand for his lack of spending and lets hit him in the wallet by boycotting the stadium and anything else that hurts the bottom line. Enough is enough!

    • Tom says:

      When Austin Jackson was leading the league in SO's from 2010-11, and Grandy was an MVP candidate were you complaining? Has Montero lit it up in Seattle? Was Pineda injured when we traded for him? You must have a degree in 20-20 hindsight.

      Your bean counter remark is priceless just like your inept attempt to be funny. Many NY columnists give Cash pretty good grades on his past trades 9 the ones he really made) and Keith Law grades the Farm in the top 10, albeit not major league ready as you stated.

      I doubt the AL East is the least embarrassed but rather pleased. However, most of Cash's trades are accomplished in Jan. We'll see.

      • Ken says:

        That's funny your comments. First you listen to what beat writers say, who are they? You fail to look at his FA pitching signings or trades. I pointed them out to you, however I will do so again. Pavano, Weaver, Wright, Brown, Vasquez twice, Igawa, Pineda, Feliciano. The farm system has nothing above Single A yet you think everything is rosy. Seems to me your the one with 20-20 hindsight

        • Ken says:

          Just Google it and you'll get your information. Joel Sherman for one.

          I guess you now like the Grandy trade, right?

          I've looked at an excel spreadsheet at ALL of them. I can point to many successes as well as failures of Cash and most GM's. Maybe you'll have a different assessment if you read.


        • Luke says:

          How about Tex and CC? How about Kuroda? How about when Grandy finished top 5 in MVP in 11? You act like evrything is Cashmans fault when it really was George giving away the farm and signing overpriced Vets. All I need to say is they made the palyoffs 17 out of 18 years and won 5 championships in that time. What team has accomplished that?

    • richard says:

      I guess we could blame Cash for Hughes, Kennedy, Phelps, Eppley, Nova but why would I? The killer B's were the talk of the town a year ago and now it's Cash's fault they blew up the arms or can't find the plate. Montgomery looks great and may make the 2013 team. We all wish we had the magic potion that the Rays seem to have, but even they have Other problems.

      • Ken says:

        Let's look at your stupid comment genius boy. Joba Chamberlin had major upside yet your boy Cashman instituted the Joba rules which effected him. How does Joba look now? Second Hughes was a reach and is nothing more than a 4 or a 5. Nova was a fluke his first year and had high run support which helped him in his win totals

        • Richard says:

          Put your glasses on and read the post you commented on. Do you see the name JOBA????????

          Nova had high run support and a 3.70 ERA.

          Isn't name calling a bit childish?

          • Ken says:

            Nova had over a 5 era maybe with your math

            • richard says:

              You meant his 2nd year which is his first full year since he only pitched 42 innings and was 1 and 2 (hardly a large win total would you not agree?) in his first year. Are you following…

              In 2011 he was 16-4 with an ERA of 3.70. It was his 3rd year (2012) he had the 5.02 ERA.

              Is this a quiz ( which has nothing to do with math)???

              Happy Holidays!!!!

            • Ken says:

              Nova is nothing more than a 5 or long relief at best. He is on this roster because he is cheap You will continue to see Nova getting ripped as major league players make adjustments and Nova doesn't. Happy Holidays to you too

            • richard says:

              That we may actually agree with.

            • LLP says:

              Richard – WOW! That is rare but I will take it happily!

  4. jack says:

    Only hope is for Hal and Hank to sell.

  5. richard says:

    Ya gotta love Yankee fans. We complain when their too old, then complain when we don't sign them. We hit tooo many HR's, can't hit with RISP etc etc. We win 95 games, are 2nd in runs scored and then forget to hit in the playoffs (like the O's).

    We have the highest payroll, 2x that of the O's, 3x that of the Ray's and then complain we don't sign more old guys that we just complained about.

    GREAT NEWS!!!!! We will hit fewer HR's in 2013, be 3rd or 4th in runs scored and STILL make the playoffs. anbd I don't care it's because the RedSox and rays are worse off.

    • Ken says:

      You have NFC and if you need to look that up it means No F_ _ king clue. What real baseball fans understand ineptness and thats what the yankees are and more importantly Cashman is. You have no understanding how things work in MLB. You are either a team that builds through the farm like the Ray's, or you are a team like the Yankees who have little regard for the farm system which is evident from way back to the time Cashman has taken over. Michael was a great talent evaluator unlike Cashman who is a terrible talent evaluator. The Yankees success has been to purchase free agents and use what little farm system we have to trade a few chips a way for some pieces to the puzzle.

      So now we have come to a cross roads which is don't spend money and upgrade the roster or make trades with what you have, the only problem is your gm has been buying his way out of messes he has made in the past. Again I point out to trades and FA signings of the following players. Pavano, Weaver, Wright, Brown, Pineda, Igawa, Vasquez twice, Feliciano to name a few. Two years ago the great Brian Cashman was against signing Soriano and anyone with half a brain understands that without Randy Levine going over Cashman head to sign Soriano the season last year would have been different without the Yankees making the playoffs.

      This is what I am trying to convey to the Cashman fans who are blind to facts, the roster is built poorly and the farm is terrible at best with no prospects above A ball and now we are asking a guy who has no clue about being a talent evaluator to build a winning team. He is out of his element and proof is in the pudding with his lackadaisical approach to things.

      He has now been out spent by Pittsburgh and Seattle on two players who should have been signed immediately without questions. He gioves a 39 year old a two year contract but wont get the extra dollars for your catcher.Hal the Bean Counter takes in millions of dollars off of licensing alone so losing out because of a few million dollars is unacceptable. The time is now to deal a Cano and Granderson and rid themselves of Tex's contract yet our GM isn't capable of pulling something off of that magnitude. This team has no catcher, no platoon right handed bat and the pitching staff is suspect with age and injuries. Unlike you Richard I am a season ticket holder that spends a great deal of money on the Yankees and I expect certain things, we are not talking about the KC Royals here, who happen to be better run at present time than the Yankees. Cashman can't even close a deal for a 40 year old, its disgusting!

  6. richard says:

    Not sure what the National Football Conference has to do with anything other than it's Sunday. That must it, because if it doesn't come up on Google then it can't be that important.

    You're written rant addressed nothing I wrote about. That says alot.

    Look at the calendar and past trades and you will see that jan was the operative month. But what do I know.

    Nothing I write will convince you that you don't know everything. You know everything the front office is contemplating, what constraints Cash has, the inner workings of the Farm System etc.

    You even know I'm not a season ticket holder. wow, such insight.

    Sell you season tickets so I can get another.

  7. Ken says:

    Is that your best response because its as lame as your other posts. You don't need to get my tickets there are plenty more available

    • Richard says:

      What you lack in facts you make up in inane comments. We all get you don't like Cash and his 15 year tenure as GM. We get it that the yanks have made the playoffs other than 2008, during that period. You want to give him all the blame and none of the credit, great.

      But millions of us stupid yankee fans think you have the facts a bit wrong – It's called WINNING!!!!!!

  8. Guest says:

    Hey Brian call Jorge to please come back!

  9. Gertrudis Velie says:

    You’re welcome, Ari! So how much were we off by? Our very scientific calculator must have been thrown off by your anti M&M stance.