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Yankees Hot Stove: Martin vs Pierzynski

Since the New York Yankees did not make a qualifying offer worth $13.3 million to catcher Russell Martin makes him a free agent, and gives GM Brian Cashman another vacancy to fill.

Russell Martin

Russell Martin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One would believe that Martin is the Yankees first-choice to bring back, as he is familiar with the pitching staff and got two big endorsements from ace CC Sabathia and Derek Lowe at the end of the 2012 season.

Sabathia had this to say about Martin via the New York Post, “I think it’s important. He’s been a great addition to our team, on and off the field. That’s not in my department, though. But we’ll have to just wait and see what happens. But he’s been great for us.”

And Lowe, who probably won’t be back next season in the Bronx but has plenty of street cred made a great point about Martin’s value, “There’s not many catchers that are going to hit you 20 home runs and drive in I don’t know how many he had, call a great game, throw guys out. From that standpoint, he’s a guy that’s only getting better.”

Now lets say that Martin, who CBS Sports Jon Heyman tweeted the Red Sox are rumored to have interest in, decides to leave go elsewhere?

[tweet https://twitter.com/JonHeymanCBS/status/266742035892015105]

Well first off, the only reason Martin would ever leave New York would be if he got a better offer from another team, which unfortunately now does breed for some concern.

So, the logical #2 is ex-Chicago White Sox A.J. Pierzynski who is much older (will be 36-years on 12/30) so probably more affordable, which scares me because that is the Yankees weakness.

When looking at both, Martin has my vote but lets hope the Yankees don’t cheapen out.

Here is a quick table comparing the Pierzynski vs. Martin to help you decide:

Russell MartinStatA.J. Pierzynskiu00a0
7MLB Seasons15
$7.5 million2012 Salary$6 million
2007; 2008; 2011All-Star2002; 2006
2007Gold Glove2012
xxxxxxxxxx2012 batting statsxxxxxxxxxx
All stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com.

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  1. deathrider says:

    I don't mind PJ…well rather, a few years ago. I've always liked him. He has an attitude and he's got a pretty nice stick. His catching is pretty good too. The age is a factor, but then again, we only need a bridge to the young guys not quite ready, but somewhere close hopefully. Ofc, I'd take Martin back for another year or two as well, but he wants long term