Yankees Hot Stove: Are you ok with Josh Hamilton needing a SWAT team - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Hot Stove: Are you ok with Josh Hamilton needing a SWAT team - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Hot Stove: Are you ok with Josh Hamilton needing a SWAT team - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees Hot Stove: Are you ok with Josh Hamilton needing a SWAT team

The latest hot stove rumor circulating is that the New York Yankees have inquired about slugging outfielder Josh Hamilton.

USA Today Bob Nightengale reported the news via twitter but who knows if this was purely to generate attention as the source, an American League general manager, of course was anonymous.

[tweet https://twitter.com/BNightengale/status/277015565128847360]

Nightengale clearly states that the Yankees budget plans of having payroll at $189 million by 2014 remains in tact, so how signing Hamilton would fit the bill makes no sense. That is unless the Yankees front office woke-up and realized that they promised fans that a championship caliber team would be on the field come 2013 Opening Day.


Well just yesterday Joel Sherman of the NY Post described the Yankees front office as, “an organization incredibly touchy to the current tidal wave of criticism.” So at least fans can still hopeful.

Whether Sherman’s words translates into Hal Steinbrenner finally feeling empathetic to the massive distress he is causing Yankee fans is still unknown. But speaking as a Yankee fan, to say I am not happy is being respectful and giving the front office the benefit of the doubt for now. But reality is I am still in denial of what is truly unfolding.

So until the above financial position is flushed down the toilet, the possibility of signing Josh Hamilton is never going to happen unless the Yankees plan to let Robinson Cano go at the end of 2013. And Lord, help us if that becomes reality.

Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Just thinking of Hamilton hitting in the bandbox of Yankees Stadium would be almost surreal, as he could hit 50 homers in 2013, no joke.

But then reality bites when I think of Hamilton, ‘the addict’ living in New York City.

Hamilton’s off-the-field struggles are well documented; as he was so addicted to crack and booze he almost died.

After being the most sought after prospect since Alex Rodriguez, Hamilton’s addiction almost cost him his baseball career. But with handwork and extraordinary talent, Hamilton battled back from the bottom and is considered one of the best hitters ever.

Still, it is no secret that the addiction still haunts Hamilton, who requires a full-time babysitter, who travels everywhere with him, hold his wallet, eats every meal with him and sleeps in an adjoining room to make sure no there are no slip-ups.

I mean his addictions were so severe that the Texas Rangers had to substitute champagne with Ginger Ale in the clubhouse for the first 10-minutes of any celebration in order for Hamilton to partake.

And even though a person can find crack in any city, the urge to do such would get raised in the Big Apple, as the city is a non-stop party if you want it to be.

So, considering everything does this mean I wouldn’t want Hamilton in the Yankees outfield with Ichiro, Granderson and Gardner?

Absolutely not, as bringing in a player of Hamilton’s caliber would make the Yankees the AL East favorites to win the division, instead of landing in the basement.

Hamilton’s personal struggles are pretty clear so the Yankees might have to hire a SWAT team to keep him under control. But if the Yankees goal is still to win a 28th championship, adding Hamilton is almost a necessity at this point.


The bottom-line is Yankee Universe is in a tailspin, and New York fans are stewing about being forced to read A Yankees Christmas Story by Hal Steinbrenner.

In my mind this makes signing Hamilton almost a no-brainer as long as it is doesn’t translate into Cano being a goner after next season?

That is unless the latest NY Daily News article is true and Cano is looking for an A-rod contract. In that case I would be all right with the Yankees handing him his walking papers but overall consensus is the Yankee fans do want Cano to stay but not for another decade.