Yankees Hot Stove: Hot guy at a bar told me what Tanaka was offered - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Hot Stove: Hot guy at a bar told me what Tanaka was offered - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Hot Stove: Hot guy at a bar told me what Tanaka was offered - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees Hot Stove: Hot guy at a bar told me what Tanaka was offered

Yankee Stadium on July 1, 2010

Yankee Stadium on July 1, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night I was out at a bar on the Upper Eastside grabbing some dinner and drinks to watch the Philadelphia Eagles play the New Orleans Saints with one of my best guy friends, who happens to be a diehard Philly fan.

As we were watching the game, a guy I recently met came over to chat with us.

This man, who is not so bad on the eyes, happens to be a die-hard New York Yankees and we were all talking sports at the table.

All of a sudden this handsome man motioned me towards him and whispered in my ear, “I know what the Yankees bid.”

I gasped and said in disbelief, “On Masahiro Tanaka?”

He responded, “Yes, it is 5-years and $120 million bucks.”

I went on to ask if that included the $20 million posting fee, and he said it did not.

My initial reaction was not positive, as I said that isn’t long enough, as Tanaka is only 25 years old.

But now that I have had time to digest the idea, while pretending as if it came out of Yankees GM Brian Cashman mouth, I think the offer is legit.

If this ever turned out to be the real offer made by the Yankees it is generous in money to make up for the years.

Japanese pitchers do come with more risk, from throwing way more innings to having yet to face Major League hitters.

But if I were the Yankees, bumping up Tanaka’s offer up to 6-years without budging on the dollars might not be a bad idea.

When you include the posting fee that adds up to $140 million for Tanaka services, but if he is the real deal that would be money well spent.

Otherwise the Yankees will have the highest paid pitcher in Minor League history.

Just to note…. my “source” has zero ties with the Yankees or MLB.  I never asked him where his information came from, but I plan too.  So as far as I know he is just another avid fan, like me and you that I just recently met.

But since every New York newspaper gets information deemed report-worthy from a “source” I figured I might as well too.

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  1. Richard says:

    The fact that you think this bar info is legit pretty much sums it all up.

    • Richard – I never said it was legit at all, but how many times are the newspapers "sources" incorrect? Or viable for that matter…

      I thought it was pretty funny!!! It 100% happened like I said. I never asked him his source because I thought it was so ridiculous at the time, but he seemed to be pretty confident when telling me. And we were not even talking about Tanaka, A-Rod a little and football so it was random.

      • Richard says:

        "But now that I have had time to digest the idea, while pretending as if it came out of Yankees GM Brian Cashman mouth, I think the offer is legit"


        • Richard – That sentence is not saying that I thought it was a legitimate fact. I was merely looking at what the man told me as if it came from Cashman, and pointing out that number would not surprise me. I never said I took it as fact, as I clearly stated that this man has no ties to the Yankees or MLB. The reason I made a point to say that was so you would know that the information did NOT come from any credible source. It was just very random and who knows if this guy is right or not.

  2. Pete says:

    Oh gat a room already !!!!

    5 yrs bad idea
    6 yrs good idea

    Article VERY bad idea.

    • Pete – why was the article a bad idea? What happened was 100% true….I never said that this guy had ties with the Yankees or MLB but thought it was ironic that he told me this.

      Why did you say VERY BAD IDEA?

      What if he is correct?

      • richard says:

        Ok, excuse me Pete but since I'm here.

        No one doubts it happened. The fact that you would even remotely consider writing that some guy in a bar would have this Inside scoop when NO ONE ELSE does just shows a complete distortion of reality (Naivete). WOW

        • The guy told me he has the inside scoop…..I was unaware that he was that connected. I never asked who told him because I thought there was no way. I will ask him when I see him again where he got the information from but the whole thing was just ironic. If he is correct…..what would you say?

          • Richard says:

            Here you go again ( pay attention Andrew). There is a little birdie telling you that HE may have some inside scoop. OK, he's dating Tanaka's sister. OK? How's that. He has info, that NO ONE else has. Great.

            If he is correct, based on his inside knowledge ( not just a guess) then I'll believe in Santa again.

  3. Andrew says:

    It’s obvious some people can’t understand what they read. It’s clear that she never said that this was from a credible source and she only wrote it because she thought it was interesting that a stranger would bring up the topic. I also find it interesting and as a Yankee fan and I think it would be a fair offer. I would also sign a closer because I feel it’s harder to pitch the 8th inning than the 9th. David is already comfortable in the 8th and his track record from watching Yankee games where he did pitch the 9th inning is not good. I may be wrong cause I don’t have Robertson’s official statistics pitching in the 9 but it’s my opinion.

    • George says:

      If the 8th inning was harder, they would give the SAVE in the 8th wouldn't they? Moreover, the 8th inning guy would be paid more. But yes, DR will give us some Wetteland moments for sure ( if he closes)

      You need to read the article again because you are truly confused as to who said what.

      • Andrew is right as D-Rob is going to go through growing pains and who knows if he will find success as a closer. D-Rob has to change his whole Houdini act to be successful in the 9th inning because loading the bases is not efficient. Robertson has to find consistency and reliability fast, which is not going to be that easy. The pressure of the Yankees not signing a proven closer means D-Rob cannot afford to blow saves, and that adds a lot of pressure on the entire bullpen. But the main issue is the Yankees could lose games if they do not solidify their bullpen up before the season. Too many good hitters in the AL to get away with trying something out with no back-up plan.

        • George says:

          Are you old enough to remember Wetteland? He had men on all the time. If you are going to compare everyone to Mo, you will have a lot to right about.

          • But Wetteland had Mariano Rivera setting up for him, which allowed him to get away with more because there was no cleaning up to do.

            If D-Rob closes, who is his set-up man? Yankees do not have anyone to fill D-Rob's shoes and he dominated in the role, so they are taking a big risk and taxing a starting rotation consisting guys past their prime and unproven youngsters.

            • george says:

              Wetteland would start thew 9th inning and create his own mess. Mo had nothing to do with it. DR fell into the roll just like someone else will. Or we will rue the day Mo left.

    • Thank you Andrew….that was exactly the point of what I wrote. Maybe I should have been more clear to avoid this confusion.

  4. Andrew says:

    You’re welcome

  5. Andrew says:

    George -I made my comment in response to what Richard had said. Richard was confused thinking that the writer was saying that the guy in the bar had inside information but she never said that.

    • George says:

      Do you still think the 8th inning in the Save inning?

    • Richard says:

      No Richard does not think that. Richard thinks that the whole scenario was preposterous and that 5 yrs 120-140 (with Post fee) is absurd. If you read the article real close, she either buys into the idea, wishes it were true or something else . She does not dismiss it. Therefore, she is as naive as you.