Yankees Hot Stove: Hamilton wanted to be wanted - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Hot Stove: Hamilton wanted to be wanted - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Hot Stove: Hamilton wanted to be wanted - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees Hot Stove: Hamilton wanted to be wanted

Before Josh Hamilton signed with the Angels, rumors were running rampant on the internet that his agent had asked to meet with the New York Yankees but that  GM Brian Cashman declined after ownership said no way. But Newsday reported that Cashman had his people do some background checks on the slugger.

So it came as no surprise when listening to Boomer and Carman on CBS last week that the Yankees new regime, lead by Hal Steinbrenner wouldn’t budge over $80 million and somewhere between 4-5 years to acquire Hamilton’s services. Who knows if that is even true but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Back when Hal’s dad was still running the ship the above NEVER would have happened.

Texas Rangers - ALCS Game 3 - October 19, 2010

Texas Rangers – ALCS Game 3 – October 19, 2010

And boy are Yankee fans missing the Boss more than ever right now.

Following such an embarrassing 2012 ALCS, George Steinbrenner would have handed GM Brian Cashman a boatload of cash before he went to the Winter Meetings; and tell him to fix this so the it doesn’t happen again in 2013.

No doubt the Boss spent recklessly but he was determined to give Yankee fans something to cheer about season after season.

The Boss made the years the Yankees didn’t win the World Series a lot easier to swallow because fans knew he would pay whatever to bring the best free agents to the Bronx.

Yankee fans trusted the Boss because he was one of them.

A staple at Yankee games, Mr. Steinbrenner wore his emotions on his sleeve just like every other Joe in the bleachers.

Unfortunately Mr. Steinbrenner did pass those traits to his son Hal.

Hal is perceived as detached but for good reason but quite frankly I wonder if the man even likes sports at all.

Hal is never seen at Yankee games. He doesn’t talk from the gut, and has minimal interaction with the public with the exception of about a dozen PR spun quotes that reek of bland banter per season.

My guess is Hal is a nice man, who did get his father’s sharp mind for business but running the Yankees as a hedge fund is insane, as there is a historic franchise’s reputation at stake that is part of American history.

What concerns me is the number of Yankee fans who continually send me emails telling me that I am overreacting and some are even embracing the Yankees new frugality.

I never understood the Yankee fans that bitch and moan about how much a player is being paid as it has absolutely zero impact on their lives.

And don’t forget the Boss and his spending habits did bring five World Series Championships to the Big Apple since 1996.

George Steinbrenner won a lot because he was passionate, and that is why spending money was never an issue because his love affair with baseball was genuine. And it seems that other MLB team owners want to join the party that George started.

Bottom-line is that during the Angels press conference introducing Hamilton to the Los Angeles, the slugger was asked what made him choose to sign with the Halos.

Hamilton’s answered the following (please fast-forward to 12:45 to hear answer; it is the entire press conference from this past Saturday.):

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  1. lolo says:

    It was Hank that gave us A-rod and Hal got us CC and Tex. George never had a CBA like this one so no one knows what he would do.

    Yanks have the highest payroll in MLB. You like to live in the past and issue What If's.