Yankees Hot Stove: Brian Cashman Needs To Stop With Kevin Millwood Yankees Hot Stove: Brian Cashman Needs To Stop With Kevin Millwood Yankees Hot Stove: Brian Cashman Needs To Stop With Kevin Millwood

Yankees Hot Stove: Brian Cashman Needs To Stop With Kevin Millwood

New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman is still in talks with veteran pitcher Kevin Millwood, who wants $4-$5 million for the 2011 season.

NY Post’s Joel Sherman confirmed this:

The Yankees definitely have interest in lingering free agent Kevin Millwood. But they remain adamant that they will not pay a significant amount for him and it may be that the Yankees will only do this if the righty accepts a minor league contract like Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon. The other issue the Yankees have is just how many starters that they find untrustworthy do they want to throw into the competition for a back-of-the-rotation spot.

I could not agree more with  the Yankees only offering Millwood a minor league contract.

Sherman nailed it on the head, because it’s hard to understand why Cashman even offered to give Millwood a contract in the first place?

Millwood is 36-year-old, 230 lbs. righty and last season he had 4-16 record in 31 starts playing for the Baltimore Orioles. To Millwood’s credit he was pitching on the worst team in baseball for about three-quarters of the season, because he did eat 190 innings.

Millwood did give up 30 homeruns, 223 hits, 116 runs and 65 walks; but than you look at the 132 strikeouts he racked up in 2010 and it makes you wonder for just a second.

Eating innings is a plus, but only when it is done successfully. The pros don’t supersede the cons regarding Millwood. He would get killed pitching in the Bronx’s hitter friendly park.

The Yankees already have enough veterans to start a nursing home or an old timers all-star game.

No teams are signing these guys for a reason.

Snatching up Kerry Wood mid-season was not in the same risk-class, and Wood earned his $12 million dollar paycheck at least for the time he spent in New York.

Skipper Joe Girardi isn’t running a baseball clinic; he is trying to win #28, but Cashman just wants to add as many minor-league deals as possible. This just makes Girardi’s job more difficult and takes starts away from potential youngsters who could make an impact.

The ironic thing is that Cashman is so protective about the prospects and draft picks, so why not let a youngster have a shot?

If the goal is getting back to the World Series, than maybe Cashman should learn from the two teams that played in it last season.

Both the Rangers and the Giants had youngsters pitching in big spots all season.

Neftali Feliz recently turned 22 years old and as Yankee fans know he was the closer for the Rangers in 2010. Feliz had 40 saves in 59 games, giving up just 5 homeruns over 71 innings pitched. 2010 was his first full season in the majors.

Even better example is the World Series Champion Giants had a 20-year-old starter named Madison Bumgarner make 18 starts in the regular season and posting a 3.00 ERA.

Bumgarner turned 21 just before he made three postseason starts, one in each round including the World Series. Bumgarner won two of those starts and the other was a no decision, but the team won the game and that is what counts.

Cashman needs to chill out because I am starting to worry that he is going to screw up any possible trade down the stretch. I would rather have Girardi make Nick Swisher pitch again, than let Cashman’s new business tactics continue any further

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