You, Me And Yankees Hot Stove: Cashman's to do list - Lady Loves Pinstripes You, Me And Yankees Hot Stove: Cashman's to do list - Lady Loves Pinstripes You, Me And Yankees Hot Stove: Cashman's to do list - Lady Loves Pinstripes

You, Me And Yankees Hot Stove: Cashman’s to do list

Baseball’s Hot Stove is officially about to start, and with all the question marks the New York Yankees will be headlining the show this off-season.

Red Sox's fans... To Do List

Red Sox’s fans… To Do List

After having to endure the Boston Red Sox winning the 2013 World Series, Yankee fans are anticipating that inherited owner Hal Steinbrenner will be filling all the team’s holes with legit and costly players instead of other team’s castaways.

The day after the World Series ended, 11 Yankees filed for free agency so technically they are no longer on the team.

Free agents:

• 2B Robinson Cano
• RHP Joba Chamberlain
• CF Curtis Granderson
• DH Travis Hafner
• RHP Phil Hughes
• RHP Hiroki Kuroda
• LHP Boone Logan
• 1B Lyle Overbay
• LHP Andy Pettitte
• RHP Mariano Rivera
• SS Brendan Ryan
• 3B Kevin Youkilis

The Yankees have so many holes to fill on their starting roster, not to mention getting solid bench guys and not leftovers like last season. Below are some notes on just the guys who became free agents last week.


  • Starting Pitcher – Pettitte’s retired.
  • Starting Pitcher – Kuroda debating returning to Japan/retiring.
  • Starting Pitcher – Bye-bye Hughes. Hello…Michael Pineda?
  • Closer – David Robertson might be the best setup man in baseball, but that doesn’t translate to closer. My bet is D-Rob will be back in the 8th inning by mid-May where he should be, as why mess with something that works so well.
  • Second Baseman – Cano still don’t know.
  • Outfielder – Granderson, Soriano and Gardner makes a solid outfield. Sans Grandy means not only losing massive amount of home runs, but seeing a lot more of Wells and Ichiro…see starting catcher.
  • Left-Handed Reliever – Logan was the Yanks sole lefty in the bullpen so signing him good idea.
  • Right-Handed Reliever Joba was a liability, but there is still a positional hole with his departure.
  • Starting Catcher – Francisco Cervelli is NOT a practical starter. Chris Stewart is a perfect back up. And FYI…. platooning the two doesn’t equal a legit starter behind the dish….see Outfielder.

The Yankees learned that they could no longer count on Derek Jeter at shortstop and Alex Rodriguez at third base. With nothing promising via the farm system, the Yankees have to bring in at least on legit, starting infielder.

Jeter tried to come back three times in 2013, but his surgically repaired ankle was not having it. Reality is playing the most athletic position on the field with that injury along turning 40-years old in 2014 is not a formula for success at shortstop.

Forget the outcome of his pending brawl with MLB, as A-Rod has the same song as the Captain. Two surgically repaired hips, and will be 39 about a month after Jeter hits the big 4-0.


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