Yankees Hot Stove: Adios Cano. Bienvenido Beltran. - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Hot Stove: Adios Cano. Bienvenido Beltran. - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Hot Stove: Adios Cano. Bienvenido Beltran. - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees Hot Stove: Adios Cano. Bienvenido Beltran.


Beltran (Photo credit: williamhartz)

The New York Yankees response to losing Robinson Cano, who accepted a 10-year, $240 million to be a Seattle Mariner, was to go out and sign All-Star, veteran Carlos Beltran.

The Yankees inked the 36-year old switch-hitting, outfielder to a three season, $45 million deal.

No doubt Beltran brings a power bat to the line-up. As over his 16-year career, Beltran smacks on average 28 home-runs, and 104 RBIs a season.

Still, adding another outfielder to the already jam-packed group of Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, Alfonso Soriano, Ichiro Suzuki and Vernon Wells seems a bit careless.

The Yankees still have a lot of holes to fill before Spring Training, so one would hope the focus would be more on position and not star-power.

GM Brian Cashman now has to add second-baseman to a to do list that still has two starting pitchers, a lefty specialist, a setup man who can also close if need be, a starting third baseman (A-Rod pending) and hopefully a legit shortstop in case Derek Jeter’s ankle doesn’t hold up, but also to give him more days off.

Someone might want to tell Gardner to start packing his bags because adding Beltran nearly solidifies that he will be traded.

This has been one crazy Friday for baseball’s hot stove, and will make some boring Winter Meetings next week down in Orlando, FL.


  • Bob Nightengale from USA Today reported that Curtis Granderson signed a 4-year, $60 million deal with the New York Mets pending a physical.
  • ESPN confirmed that Hiroki Kuroda has decided to come back to the Bronx for another season at $16 million.
  • ESPN’s Buster Olney tweeted another Yankees signing:

A lot of Yankees fans I have talked to keep reiterating that the new guys, Ellsbury, Beltran and McCann have dominate postseason numbers.

Alas, I had to be the Debbie downer, and kindly remind these folks that a team has to make the postseason first. I received a few blank, maddened stares back in return.



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  1. Tom says:

    Last year we didn't do anything and you were Down ( rightly so). Now we initially do toooo much (5 outfielders), have not started the winter meetings, 3 1/2 months before Opening Day and NOW we are careless. Think it through!!!!!

    You rightly mention we have more holes to fill , so why would the winter meetings be boring? You are one contradiction after another.

  2. RLB says:

    Soriano back to second base?

    • Tom says:

      He hasn't played there in 8 yrs. We signed no field Kelly J for that. I'll put $ on Infante signing

  3. Richard says:

    Infante yes, KJ maybe. Speaking of KJ, he had more HR/AB than Cano. Just saying…….