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Yankees: You guys are driving me crazy

Jeter connects for a hit against the Tampa Bay...

Jeter connects for a hit against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s be honest, this season scoring five runs or more for the New York Yankees (35-33) is an infrequent occurrence.

This makes the days when the Bronx Bombers bats actually manage to go from cold to warm necessary to win.

That is why yesterday’s 10-5 loss of the rubber game to the Oakland Athletics (42-27) extra painful, as starter Vidal Nuno put the team in an eight run hole before the fourth inning even started.

Call me a baby, a brat, a sore loser or just a typical Yankees fan, but this team cannot get a darn break.

After splitting the first two games against the A’s, the Yankees could have really benefitted from winning a series vs. a top team like the Oakland.

But the odds were stacked against the Yankees from the get-go because of how good Oakland have been consistently playing, the Yankees anemic offense and that Nuno was on the schedule to start.

Nuno could have been hero for a day just by keeping the Yankees in the game, but instead he made his worst start since he became “a filler” in the starting rotation.

Still, even with 60% of the starting rotation wounded, the Yankees offense has without a doubt been this team’s achilles heel.

That is why it is so frustrating as a fan because the moment things start looking up offensively; the pitching falls apart and any mini-winning streak becomes obsolete again. Hence, the process resetting and the bit of faith you might have begun to disappear as well.

Then I start to worry whether this Yankees squad will ever get in a winning rhythm, or will I be subjected to this crappy baseball for the rest of this season?

Time will eventually answer that question, but getting tricked into being excited over nothing consistently is just not fun. Admittedly, the Yankees really fooled me on this road trip after sweeping the Mariners, and beating the A’s the next night.

Even my dad drank the Yankees Kool-Aid, which he doesn’t do nearly as easily as I do.

Too many fans keep chalking up this season’s struggles to bad luck, as God forbid the Yankees be accountable for anything but winning.

But I believe it is a combo two things, but luck is a copout until the day Derek Jeter gets presented with a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end.

1-     Listening to the YES Broadcasters has started to feel like nails on a chalkboard. The constant trickery of finding pathetic reasons that scoring one run and losing, again is a good thing. The broadcast booth hit an all time low on this road trip when Ken Singleton tried to spin the sweep of the Mariners into some great accomplishment. Or even better was when Bob Lorenz said, “Well the Yankees certainly kept this one interesting,” after losing to the A’s last night hit an all time low.

2-    Masahiro Tanaka. Yes, I am talking about the Yankees pitcher who could very well win the CY Young, ROY, start the AL All-Star Game and has hands down been the savior of the 2014 season. Tanaka’s 10-1 record has prevented the Yankees from hitting rock bottom, a place I think they need to go badly. Right now this team consists of a group of underperforming stars that desperately need a kick in the behind, and the best way is when there is nowhere to go but up, right? Problem is this includes Tanaka losing a few and that doesn’t seem worth it for something that is not guaranteed will work.

3-    Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds.” It is no secret that Derek Jeter has not found his groove at the plate. But if things don’t turn around, a true Captain would ask to be moved down in the batting order for the betterment of the team. It could be a win-win for everybody, as the batting could spark and Jeter will be even more worshipped, bet you didn’t think that would ever be possible, right?

Hey, maybe I am just more of a typical Yankees fan than I care to admit and that is why I cannot admit that this team is not going to get any better.

Bottom line is $400 million bucks paved the way for fans, like myself, to set high expectations on the 2014 Yankees. But all I am slowly realizing is that money really cannot buy championships. TBD.


  1. Richard says:

    What does luck have to do with an anemic offense and spotty starting pitching???????

    • LLP says:

      I said that many Yankees fans are blaming this team's under-performance to bad luck. I clearly stated that I did not share in these sentiments.

  2. Richard says:

    Who are these many fans? 1%, 5%? Please tell me how they could come to such a conclusion. Why even write such nonsense?. It defies logic. You can get 1-5% of any group to believe anything. Why bother lowering yourself to their lack of any baseball acumen.