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Yankees: Finally Girardi knows Hughes stinks

Everybody says that if bird (pigeon if you live in NYC) feces land on your head, or if it rains on your wedding that something good is going to happen.

Photograph of Phil Hughes taken on April 29, 2...

Photograph of Phil Hughes taken on April 29, 2008 at Yankee Stadium..May 1, 2008.

Just like it is good luck when you accidentally slip on a big pile of doggie poop, right?

Well, earlier today as I innocently was walking down Lexington Avenue the above happened to me.

And my first thought was, Is this a sign from God that the Yankees are going to break their four game losing skid and get a win tonight?”

I mean after the embarrassing sweep at the hands of the Red Sox, only to arrive in Toronto on Tuesday night to get shutout by the Blue Jays does not exactly raise fan confidence.

The fact that Phil Hughes was making the start with the Yankees postseason hopes at stake didn’t help either.

No one knew if Yankees skipper Joe Girardi had jumped back on the Hughes train again, as he has done it before?

Girardi kept starting Hughes even though he hasn’t won a game since July 2nd, and managed to go 0-6, and give up 33 earned runs.

But then finally Girardi woke up a week ago and made one of the smartest moves of the season, starting a Hughes and David Huff tandem.

In their first outing the duo got the job done vs. the Orioles, as the Yankees won 6-5.

Hughes pitched into the fourth or once through the O’s batting order before bringing in Huff. It wasn’t pretty but it was efficient enough and certainly better than Hughes alone.

But who knew what Girardi’s plan was for last night.

Hughes put up a typical performance, looking good heading into the fourth inning before Colby Ramses hit a 2-run bomb off him.

I held my breath, and shut my eyes until my friend said that Girardi was coming out of the dugout.

And I was shocked, relieved, angry and happy all at the same time.

Shocked at how short Girardi’s leash was for Hughes.

Relieved that Hughes was exiting the game. And that only two-runs had scored because the bats had been anemic and a higher number might have overwhelmed them mentally. Remember that the Yankees hadn’t scored a run in 13-innings at that point.

Angry that it has taken this long for Girardi and his couching staff to take action on Hughes inefficacy.

Happy that in the end stepping in doggy dodo did bring the some luck to the Yankees.

The Yankees went on the win game 4-3, and obviously that took a team effort. But odds are that without getting Hughes out of the game, the result could have been different.

Just imagine if Girardi hadn’t taken ions to realize that Hughes stinks.

Hughes can make it thorough an opposing batting order one time successfully, which is the equivalent of about 3+ innings before he gets lit up.

Maybe this tandem would have been the answer and secured the Yankees an AL Wild Card spot avoiding where they are now?

Who knows what could have been but so far, so good.

Well, as the saying goes it is better late, than never.

There is a great article over at the blog River Avenue Blues, a personal go-to site that details the Hughes-Huff tandem, which I highly recommend you reading.


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  1. dave says:

    the word is "eons", not "ions". eons refers to time, ions to electrons.

    • Nedwin says:

      An ion refers to a type of molecule. If you're going to correct him, at least be right.

  2. John says:

    The word is "eons"…not ions in the Hughes/Girardi story.
    Girardi is a stiff!

  3. Dave says:

    Great Stuff, thanks for sharing!!!