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Yankees – Giants fans are starting to panic

As a New York sports fan, losing is something I haven’t gotten very used too.

New Yor Post - Back Cover - 10/01/2013

New Yor Post – Back Cover – 10/01/2013

See, I was born into a Yankees and Giants fan-family.

And fortunately, thanks to my age, I did not give a hoot about either team until the mid 1990’s.

So my sports fan hood started at a pretty ideal time.

The Yankees won their first of five World Series Titles from 1996 to present, and the Giants brought home Super Bowl Championships in 1995, 2008 and 2012.

This might explain why Yankees-Giants fans have always felt superior in the Big Apple to our nemesis the Mets-Jets fans.

As there are exceptions to every rule, I admit to consorting with a few Giants-Mets and Jets-Yankees fans but secretly they are viewed as almost problematic people.

So please try to understand that I have had superior fan status in my hometown of NYC my entire life.

Literally, I have known nothing else until now.

As 2013 has been a numbing reality check for both Yankees and Giants fans.

It started about a month ago with the Yankees missing the postseason for the only the second time in 19-seasons.

Almost to the day all hope was lost for the Yankees, the NFL season was starting, and I was ecstatic because the G-Men would certainly soften the baseball blow.

The Giants lost their 2013 season opener, 31-36 to their division rival Cowboys, ok fine as 0-1 is whatever.

Next quarterback Eli Manning’s big bro Peyton and his Broncos paid the Giants a home visit, and beat them 41-23. And the G-men fell to 0-2, no biggie right?

Correct, until week three when the Giants lost 0-38 to the 0-2 Carolina Panthers.

Now fast-forward to today, and the Giants have lost two more games and are sporting a 0-5 record on the season.

Following the teams latest defeat this past Sunday; I knew that desperate times like these called for drastic measures. So I made sure to watch the Jets game.

In the past, anytime the Giants had a bad day, fans found that focusing their attention on a New York Jets game would kindly remind them of how lucky a Giants-fan they were.

That is until now.

As the 2013 Jets actually look really good, like one of the better teams in the NFL.

The hometown favorite Falcons looked out-matched, as the Jets fought their way to their third victory on the season.

I figured there would be a time when the Jets, Mets or both would be relevant again, but not now. The Mets might jump ahead by default, but just like a W is a W…. better is still better.

I mean everyone knows that Giants football can be a crapshoot, as the team has been the definition of Jekyll and Hyde in sports for two decades. The G-Men were always a team to be reckoned with, as in even the bad is still pretty good.

Should I feel crazy thinking the Giants will win 10 -11 games in a row on their way to Super Bowl XLIX?

That cocky stride I had in my step has gone AWOL, and as I walk the streets of Manhattan my head hangs a little lower lately.

The Yankees demise is at the hands of inherited ownership that doesn’t know enough about baseball or doesn’t care to learn.

While the ever steady, save-the-day Giants are officially a bigger mess than the Jets ever were.

Can anyone tell me where to go from here?

Please refrain from thinking that I am changing jersey, but will I wear them less in shame?

Could this be the power shift in New York that Yankees-Giants fans have had nightmares about for years? 

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