Yankees fans need to stop blaming Alex Rodriguez for everything Yankees fans need to stop blaming Alex Rodriguez for everything Yankees fans need to stop blaming Alex Rodriguez for everything

Yankees fans need to stop blaming Alex Rodriguez for everything

New York Yankee Alex Rodriguezjust can’t catch a break.

English: A-Rod batting in 2007.

English: A-Rod batting in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And personally, I have had enough of it.

If you happened to miss the Game 2 of the ALDS on Monday night, the Yankees were down 2-3 in the top of the ninth inning with two outs. And I bet you can guess who was the Bombers last hope at the plate?

If you said A-Rod, pat yourself on the back because you are correct, as he went down swinging to end the game and send the Yankees back to the Bronx 1-1 with the O’s.

Now, I was at the game in Baltimore on Monday night, and my heart sank every time A-Rod came to the plate, as even the pathetic O’s fans ripped him to shreds.

“Steroids” and “cheater” were the most popular words chanted by the entire stadium.

I mean, this banter was coming from an O’s fanbase who have self-proclaimed themselves “the best in baseball.” And I found the whole thing so ironic, considering the O’s fans only showed up in Camden Yard, like, two weeks ago. But still they came together to collectively heckle A-Rod, and loudly.

Now, any knowledgeable baseball fan watching this game would clearly know that the Yankees loss was a total team effort and not just A-Rod’s fault.

A-Rod was not even one of the guilty parties on the LOB with two outs list, like Swisher (3), Jeter (2) and Cano (1) all were.

And he also saved a run being scored by distracting Orioles JJ Hardy as he was heading to third, which caused him to stop instead of running home.

So this is why I was sure that the New York media and Yankee fans would react to the loss as such, but boy was I wrong.

The A-Rod bashing hit an all time high by not only local but also national media, which was totally unfair and completely unwarranted.

Yes, A-Rod had two strikeouts and couldn’t go yard in the bottom of the ninth to tie it up, but neither did anyone else.

Personally, I do not know how A-Rod walks on the field every day because I certainly could not.

And the foulest part is that Yankee fans are the first ones to drop A-Rod on his face instead of willing the guy to hit by cheering for him harder than anyone else.

When my O’s fan friends looked at me mid-game to say how badly they felt for A-Rod, all I could say was that it is worse at home.

Immediately after I said that, I was embarrassed to be part of that kind of fanbase that treats people so poorly.

Everyone conveniently forgets that A-Rod is the guy who piggy backed the 2009 Yankees all the way to the World Series, as that, all of a sudden, is worthless.

Ironically, these are the same people who were bragging after Game 1’s win and predicting a sweep.

So, all I ask is that Yankee fans cheer for the team this week and not the player.

As there is no “I” in team, but there is in win and that is the goal. So heckle the O’s and not A-Rod.


Simple. Because the fact is, when A-Rod produces, the Yankees win. So if there ever were a time to back him up, it would be now.


  1. Frank Spero says:

    stop blaming the strike out queen !!!!! NO WAY

  2. Steve01981 says:

    I agree with you LADY! This A-Rod is obviously not the A-Rod of old but there is still some thunder in that bat and in the next two days he is sure to explode. Yanks fans need to stand by there team and show some support. Let's show those part time fans in Baltimore what real baseball fans are all about.

  3. Mark says:

    Nice piece though A-Rod is over paid and over rated. You
    Can say what you want A-Rod not worth 30 million plus year
    or should I say what have you done for me lately.
    As a sport writer you make excuses for him stac don’t
    lie over the last 5 years btw in 99 A-Rod had a hit or
    two that it. So you and A-Rod need to suck it
    Up and play ball !!!!!!

  4. Uncle Mike says:

    I also (against my usual sentiment) posted a "Let's support A-Rod" message on Uncle Mike's Musings this morning. He needs us as much as we need him, so let's get behind him.

    It's also worth noting that Oriole fans are nearly as hypocritical about the issue of steroids as Red Sox fans. Have they forgotten the last time they were in the Playoffs, 1996 and '97? There was the blatant cheating, and the blatant lying about it, of Rafael Palmeiro? And there is still no reasonable explanation for why Brady Anderson hit 50 home runs in 1996. And I'm hardly convinced that Bobby Bonilla wasn't a steroid user.

  5. R J. says:

    A-Rod true Yankee fans think your great, so keep on doing your best. RJ.

  6. Jnat says:

    Maybe Yankee fans need to put the blame where it really belongs, on Girardi for batting Arod third where he hasn't belonged all year. That position in the lineup should be manned by your most consistent and dangerous hitter, and that is without a doubt, Cano. Although alternating right and left handed batters is a valuable strategy, Joe over-emphasizes it to the extent that he fails to adhere to a more important strategy, which is to have his best hitter bat third behind his two table setters, which results in getting his best hitter to not only come in the most important run producing situations, but will often get him an extra at bat. Arod is still a dangerous hitter capable of breaking out, but batting him sixth will still give him opportunity to contribute should he come alive without having him constantly in the most crucial hitting position where his tendency to strike out and pop up turn his short-comings into more numerous missed opportunities for his team and frustration for Yankee fans.

  7. ed greeno says:

    ARod is making millions and shoud play up to what he's costing us yankee fans when we go to the games.
    ARod and some other yankee players are the reason for some us fans not going to games because we
    cann't afford the price so either he and the other's play good ball orthey can walk away no lose as far as i'm concered.
    As far as Giradi he can join them and they know who they are. I've been a yankee fan for over 60 years and i can tell
    you that the last two mangers are the worst i've ever seen.

  8. Jose Maldonado says:

    yo creo que Alex Rodriguez gana mas de lo que en realidad aporta al equipo, no se niega que es un exellente tercera base pero ya no es el tercer bate que el equipo necesita, casualmente pega homerones pero cuando en realidad el equipo no los necesita para ganar deberian de ponerlo en sexto o septimo bate para ver si le da verguenza y ponerle mas ganas al juego y si se puede darle dias de descanso en los play off pues ahi donde mas se le necesita y en juegos de post temporada no es el jugador idoneo Yo soy Yankee de corazon y deseo siempre que mi equipo sea el mejor y si se le pagan 30 millones pues a jugar Alex que te necesitamos

  9. coolnewyorker says:

    Hey Kate…A-Rod is the most deserving of your expertise in bashing. What's the matter? He ain't as clean imaged as "useless" Phil Hughes or Ichiro and the rest of "washed up" vets?

    You have the same crying heart "let's not be too hard on" sentiments over AJ. You dig "bad boys" , eh?

    Truth is, A-Rod at clean-up is downright a liability. Dunno what happened in 2009, but before and after that lone sole year of clutch hitting, A-Rod has always been a disappearing act in clutch situations.

    Truth is, Yanks have been winning regardless of A-Rod. and often losing because of A-Rod.

    YESSSSS, fans should be blaming A-Rod. Giving him the finger is the most respectful gesture he can get from fans. Otherwise, he is irrelevant,. not worthy of anything from the fans.

  10. Tanned Tom says:

    As a fan I never root against my team, and screaming at a player who fails to deliver is a manifestation of a deep psychological problem. Perhaps these people would feel more at home if they moved to, hmm? Boston?, where they've elevated savaging their own to an art form.
    That being said, it is past time to realize that Rodriguez is in serious decline, but still going to wear pinstripes for another 5 years. Arguing over a player is one thing, creating an atmosphere that makes it harder for my team to win is something else.
    So how about they bat him 6th, we agree he can still field and hit a little and let it go at that.
    I mean all this energy over something that cannot be changed is self defeating.

  11. coolnewyorker says:

    A-Rod is not in serious decline. This year's regular and post season performance is his trademark: disappearing acts in clutch situation.

    Except in 2009, he has shown preposterous predictable futility in pressure-filled at-bats. Thus, he's been pathetic against the Red Sox especially at Fenway, in everyday clutch situations and the post seasons. It's nothing new. He's been no-show in clutch. He's been such in pinstripes

    It's about time fans stopped expecting him to be different. It's about time Girardi keeps him for his glove and treats his bat as what it is: pathetic. Thus, he should be pinch-hit without reservation on critical must-do situations…just like Wednesday's 3rd game of ALDS.