Yankees fans not cheering for Cano was ludicrous - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees fans not cheering for Cano was ludicrous - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees fans not cheering for Cano was ludicrous - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees fans not cheering for Cano was ludicrous


That was the welcoming Robinson Cano got from Yankees fans last night in his first at-bat in the Bronx since joining the Mariners in the off-season.

Not a thank you for playing on average 160 games a season; or appreciation for being one of the best players in baseball for the last nine seasons.

Yankees fans don’t seem to care that Cano was part of the 2009 World Series Championship Team; or how Cano took part in the funniest prank since Jimmy Fallon took over the Tonight Show this past Monday night.

There was not highlight montage in center field before the game highlighting all Cano’s biggest Yankee moments, like the Red Sox did to thank Jacoby Ellsbury in Fenway Park just a week ago.

Do these Yankees fans even realize how stupid they look?

The whole thing was utterly embarrassing, expect for the excellent job theses fans did making the Red Sox look like class acts by behaving like a bunch of spoiled brats.

It is pointless to rattle off Cano’s Yankees stats in his defense because these fans obviously won’t listen, nor do they care to live in the real world.

Do these people realize what an oxymoron it is to claim to be a Yankees fan, but boo a player for leaving for more money?

It is like someone claiming to be an environmentalist, while always wasting water

Or calling someone pretty ugly, or proclaiming you made an exact estimate.

Nothing is more annoying than being perceived as a total moron because you happen to wear the same team’s baseball cap as another.

Bottom line is the Yankees are the innovators of luring players to the Bronx by dangling the most dollars; so saying Cano is a sellout is the definition of the pot calling the kettle black.

What a joke that fans who cheer for a team that spent $439 million bucks this off-season actually feel righteous in booing Cano.

And I am not alone in these sentiments…


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  1. Richard says:

    Yes the yankees pay more for lots of reason ( High cost of living, Taxes, Big City Life, Press in your face, pressure, Steinbrenner history, etc, etc). Cano went from the #1 sports franchise to a loosing team that may never be in the playoffs. Endorsementsin NY could have made up some of the difference. The Yankees offered him 24M per year for 7 yrs. Just think about that for a minute.

    These fans make less than 40-50K per year and pay good money to see a game. I'd boo a Ham Sandwich if I wanted to.

    • Richard – Ellsbury got cheered for and the Red Sox played a highlight video before he took his first at-bat. The Yankees could have done something.

      Saying that because Yankees fans make 40-50k a year entitles them to boo is ridiculous. The Yankees have been stealing players with money for years from all 29 other teams and the Yanks should have countered that Seatlle offer, not for that much but $200 million for 8-years would have been fair.

      • Richard says:

        And the Sox fans treated Damon very badly and let's not forget Bill Buckner. So classy sometimes. You were at the game, was it about 80% who booed. Just imagine if 48,000 fans were there.

        I never wrote " entitles them to boo". They can do what they want – it was their decision to boo. How about respecting their opinions??

    • Cano was a great Yankee….a WS champion and never missed a game for nine seasons. And that deserves to be acknowledged in my opinion.

      • Richard says:

        I agree so there must be more to it as the Yanks are a classy team, correct?

  2. Richard says:

    You are hung up on the $$$$$ we should have offered Cano. We offered him 24-25 million per year. Sooooooo disrespectful. The years were even more important. Yanks did not want another albatross contract like A-rod's. Like the Steve Miller Band said " Take the money and run".

    Great player, good teammate and all that. But winning was not his motivation. That just irks all of us delusional fans.