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A Yankees fan World Series prediction

2012 World Series Alternative Logo.

My predication is that the 2012 MLB World Series Champion will be the New York Yankees.

Oh wait the Yankees lost, my bad.

If you could please excuse me as I am trying to purposely forget the ALCS pummeling I had to witness last week vs. the Detroit Tigers, which anyone with a half-a-brain should understand why.

But this is not about the Yankees, and admittedly that fact is still tough for me to swallow.

Ok enough Yankee banter, as it is time to make my 2012 World Series pick.

This WS is between two teams, who took two totally different paths to get to the same place.

The last time these two-faced each other was July of 2011.

Now the big question is who win it all between the Detroit Tigers or the San Francisco Giants?

Will the Tigers bring Detroit its first World Series Championship since 1986?

Or will the city of San Francisco be throwing a second ticker tape parade for their Giants in three years?

Right off the bat my gut said Tigers would win in five games, and it was Detroit’s series to lose.

But as I researched both teams, I realized that this was a more evenly matched World Series than I had assumed and that the Giants could very well win this thing too.

And here are 6 of the reasons why my first prediction has swayed about who will win this World Series:

1) The Tigers are a below .500 team on the road, finishing the season with a 38-43 record, which means 50 of their 88 wins on the season came in Comerica Park. And since the NL won home-field advantage by beating the AL in the All-Star game, WS Games one and two will be in AT&T Park, which gives an advantage to the Giants. Also, keep in mind the Tigers will be sans a DH in San Francisco because pitchers hit in the NL. Translation… AL pitchers are at disadvantage because of it; and Giants Matt Cain and Madison Bumgarner can hit, as together they have gone deep three times this season.

2) The Giants finished the regular season with a run differential of +79, which is better than I realized. And also better than the Tigers who ended with +56 RD, so not by much but a stat that I presumed would heavily favor the Tigers.

3) In one-run games, which became very popular during the 2012 season, the Giants went 30-20. As for the Tigers, they were barely above a .400 in one-run games finishing 21-27 on the season.

4) The starting rotations of both ball clubs have been phenomenal, but the Tigers staffs has more pressure on them because of their bullpen, or lack there of. The Tigers bullpen is a huge problem, as no one in his or her right mind would give even a tennis ball for closer Jose Valverde to throw. Reliever, and ex-Yankee, Phil Coke is the Tigers best and only viable option. Coke proved himself in the ALCS by taking care of his old team but keep in mind this is not his normal role. So inevitably there could be a learning curve, as when most players make a role change there is an adjustment period. And no team can afford that to happen in the World Series. The whole scenario puts more pressure on the Tigers starters to stay in games, especially if Detroit has any kind of lead. And yes, I am well aware that the Giants starters have struggled a little in the postseason, except for Ryan Vogelsong who has been great. Barry Zito’s turn-back-the-clock start in Game 5 cannot be chalked up to anything more than a fluke but he will start Game 1 because the Giants bullpen affords them the luxury to do that.

5) Many of the Giants players were on the 2010 WS roster, and that recent experience ended successfully so they know what to expect. And experience can be vital in the postseason.

6) Since the Giants played three more games in the NLCS than the Tigers, you cannot compare batting stats. But both played five games in the DS, so I compared those stats. And the Tigers need to hit better as Giants have matched them so Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera need to step it up BIG TIME!

San Francisco GiantsNL51651832715161639110.1940.2660.3390.606
Detroit TigersAL5163174180211739410.2520.2930.3370.631
Stats courtesy of MLB.com.


I am still going back and forth about picking a winner, but I do believe Games 1 and 2 are more essential for the Giants as they don’t want to head into Detroit down 0-2, as then the Tiger could very well sweep them.

But if San Francisco can spilt Game 1 and 2 before heading on the road, I think they will win this thing in 6-games.


I am truly stumped here but I am picking the San Francisco Giants to win the 2012 World Series in six-games.

My apologies to the Tigers skipper Jim Leyland because I would love to see him win it. I have always had the utmost respected for him, but that feeling does not extend to many of his Tiger players.

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  1. Yankees says:

    Great prediction ! Defense certainly is a focal point for the Yankees . It's a matter of execution that's been a problem at times.