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Yankees: Do you know the facts?

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Many New York Yankees fans seem to want to ignore the reality of what is going on over in the Bronx.

That is the Yankees are falling apart.

Typical slump time for a contending team is just about up, and the Yankees seem to be progressively getting worse.

Here are some daunting facts that all of us have to face:

Fact…The Yankees have now lost seven of their last nine games after getting blown out by the Tampa Bay Rays 8-3 last night in the Bronx.

Fact…The Yankees hitters are posting a .238 batting average, which ranks 24th in the majors.  And they have the 20th least runs scored with 279 on the season.

Fact…The team’s .301 on-base percentage is the ranks 23rd lowest; slugging percentage sits at an all time low at .379, which lands them with the 22nd worst in the Bigs.

Fact…They have a -5 run differential (RS -279; RA -284), the Yankees have given up five more runs than they have scored on the season. Just to compare, on June 21, 2012, the team had a run differential of +54.

Fact…The Yankees 39-33 record ranks 11th overall, and lands them in third place in the AL East. With three games over the weekend vs. the Rays, who are 1.5 games behind, they Yankees could land in fourth by Sunday. And with the Blue Jays on an eight game winning streak the divisional cellar is not far off if things do not turn around.

Fact…Over the last week the Yankee bats have a .190 batting average, a .263 on-base percentage and a .275 slugging percentage, which should make you sick to your stomach.

Fact…Vernon Wells has been the black sheep in the month of June. In 59 at-bats, Wells has a .102 batting average, with six hits, three RBIs, no home runs, one walk and 11 strikeouts. Wells has to straighten himself out here because he is hurting the line-up.

The Yankees offense cannot stay doormat much longer, as the pitching has held down the fort thus far.

As of late, the Yankees pitchers have been shaky but due to the anemic offense it makes it seem much worse.

Bottom line is the Yankees hitters need to start scoring runs and doing their part or else they will be out of the postseason before September rolls around.

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