Yankees: Dream start to prediction nightmare literally - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Dream start to prediction nightmare literally - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Dream start to prediction nightmare literally - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: Dream start to prediction nightmare literally

Last night, I was exhausted.

The Captain - "I'm melting."

The Captain – “I’m melting.”

My girlfriends and I took this crazy cross-fit class that didn’t end until 8pm.

I barely had enough energy to take a shower, so I was out like a light the moment I crawled into bed.

And from the second my eyes shut, the 2014 New York Yankees were all I seemed to be dreaming about.

During my slumber, I was attending games at Yankee Stadium and sitting in seats where I could lean my elbows on the New York dugout.

The games were very fast, one or two inning at the most. But what was so enjoyable was the Yankees didn’t lose one game.

One victory ended in dramatic walk-off fashion causing such excitement that Yankees fans started storming the field.

And that is when my dream took a turn for the worst.

The Yankees fans were so frantic to get on the diamond it turned into a literal stampede that marched right on top of me.

When the chaos finally subdued, I stood up and brushed myself off only to realize that another baseball game was playing on the field.

Confused, I leaned over the dug out and yelled at some Yankee players on the bench.

“Hey, I do not recognize the opposing team’s uniforms who are they and what game is this?”

The players all stared at me blankly, like I was a scary ghost.

So, I cleared my throat and inquired a little louder again.

And still got no response, and that is when some huge hand from behind me grabbed me hard.

This person had no face and a scary horror-movie voice, which was terrifying.

This no-faced thing claimed that the Yankees had finished the season 90-72. That was good enough for second place in the AL East Standings and just only three games behind the Red Sox.

He also said the game playing right in front of us was an MLB tiebreaker and the winner would claim a Wild Card berth to the postseason.

As I looked up at the scoreboard, I realized that it was the top of the ninth, with two outs and the Yankees were losing by two runs.

I literally blinked, and that marked 2014 as another disappointing season that ended in September, not in October…just like last year.

The fans frustration quickly turned to anger and violent riots were breaking out everywhere.

But what finally startled me enough to wake up in a sweaty panic was the moment I saw Captain Derek Jeter melting right in front of me. It was utterly awful.

Now why am I sharing this dream turned nightmare with you about the outcome of the 2014 Yankees season?

Just if it comes true, at least you can say you were forewarned.

Yes, I do realize I am not a psychic and that this coming true is a long shot. But I am warning you that I dreamt this year’s Super Bowl outcome and was dead on.

When I told my dad and a few friends they deemed me insane. I even thought I might be crazy thinking the Seahawks would win by over 35 points vs. Peyton Manning’s favored Broncos.

But a few people wanted me to put my money where my mouth was, so they bet me.

I do not need to tell you who won.

Let’s hope I do not go two for two.


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