Yankees Drama Ain’t Got Nothing On In Beantown Yankees Drama Ain’t Got Nothing On In Beantown Yankees Drama Ain’t Got Nothing On In Beantown

Yankees Drama Ain’t Got Nothing On In Beantown

Jon Lester, John Lackey and Josh Beckett

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It is hard to imagine that things could get much worse Boston, but it did.

ESPN’s Buster Onley reported today that Theo Epstein, the Red Sox’s GM is officially going to sign a 5-year deal with the Chicago Cubs.

That is the second prolific Red Sox leader to get the heck out of dodge, with skipper Terry Francona resigning the day after the Red Sox collapsed on their faces.

What a shame for the game of baseball and the fans to watch this historic sports franchise completely implode like this.

The worst part is learning the truth about the on goings in the Red Sox’s clubhouse, which is supposed to be a team’s sacred place. So, the fact that personal issues are being made public to point fingers at who is to blame is despicable.

In all honesty, the Red Sox owners can blame themselves for not wanting to see what was happening right in front of them. You can bet the Boston brass is regretting ever giving the thumbs up to make John Lackey a Red Sox because things have gone downhill ever since he showed up.

Remember, Lackey is the same guy who criticized Fenway Park and said that it should be “blown-up” after the Angels playoff loss to the Red Sox in 2008. It was also the place where Lackey posted his worst career number as an Angel… how did that one slip by Bill James as it is against every theory he wrote.

Looking back at his Anaheim days, I recall watching many Angles games and seeing Lackey constantly throw pity parties or mini-hissy fits when his teammates made the slightest mistake behind him. Problem was that when a teammate made a play to save his fat behind, Lackey showed zero appreciation making clubhouse issues almost unavoidable.

Also, Lackey’s body is abnormally out-of-shape due to lack of maintenance, which gives him no leg to stand on. Unfortunately Lackey is just a punk born with a gift that he took for granted, instead of embracing it.

Even though you might read about Lackey’s blasé off-the-field demeanor, it is safe to chalk that up to him being a lazy slob who just doesn’t give a crap. I can’t even try to imagine being forced around such an entitled, out-of-shape, whiner – day-in and day-out, when everyone else is trying to win games. Lackey has never embraced what an honor it is to play for the Boston Red Sox because he never gave a damn.

What is even more shocking is that Lackey was not the only Red Sox slacker in 2011, as starters Josh Beckett and John Lester were just as bad. This trio of uncaring, selfish teammates made drinking booze, while playing vide0 games and stuffing their face with KFC during games a daily occurrence.

Where were guys like Youks, Pedroia, Papelbon, Big Papi or Captain Jason Varitek? Not one of them had time to step in and tell Lackey and Co. to stop the B.S.? This has to make you wonder what happened to these proud, perennial Red Sox players who were cemented in baseball as being guys with heart, who did everything possible to win.

If you want the real deal in its entirety, from a longtime Red Sox insider, read Inside The Collapse: A Breakdown Of The Sox Collapse by the Boston Globe’s Bob Hohler. WARNING… it will make you lose a bit of your faith in sports.

As for Epstein and Francona, getting the heck out of Beantown was the smartest move for two of baseball’s most respected and intelligent facilitates in the game toady.

FYI…Yankee fans need to use Boston as a wake-up call, with first mission being to stop chastising AJ Burnett. Burnett might struggle more than anyone would like, but he certainly works his ass off to try to right himself because he wants to win for his Yankees teammates and the fans. Don’t forget that Burnett was the best thing to come out of this 2011 Postseason for the Yankees, so he can come through.

The reason I am using Burnett is because Yankee fans need to appreciate players who actually care and AJ is that in a nutshell.  If it can happen to the Red Sox it can happen anywhere considering 2011 was without question Boston’s season to lose.

“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” – John Wooden


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  2. Al says:

    First of all to insinuate that b/c it happened to the red sox it could happen to the Yankees is ludicrous thinking by anyone who is familiar with the players and the code within the Yankee club house. For eons, the Yankee clubhouse has maintain a long tradition and unwritten rule that what happens in a clubhouse stays in the clubhouse. A la AJ's black eye last season. We can all guess at what happened but to this date no one knows.

    Second, the Yanks have leadership whereas the red sox did not and it has been obvious for a few years that their leadership was in flux. Last real leader the red sox had in their clubhouse was V-mart and they let him go.

    Third, Yankee fans do not drink the Koo laid offered by the media, we are some of the most cynical doom and gloom fan bases in the world but we support our team against anyone else. Red sox fans seem to drink a lot of the Koo laid that their front office and the media pundits put out year after year. I say it is great to see what happened to them… it couldn't happen to a better bunch.

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