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Yankees Don’t Want To Party Like It’s 2004

The Yankees sure gave fans a flash-back, when game five wrapped up.

New York got a reality check from the Phillies Cliff Lee and Chase Utley. The pitcher and second baseman carried their team, in avoidance of having to pass on the title of champion.

AJ Burnett gave the Phillies some help back to the Bronx, getting pulled in the third inning. Burnett was far from the pitcher in-game two, but in all reality he was up against Lee.

Lee pitched well but more importantly the Philly bats picked him up, for the win.

The Yankees came on strong at the start of the game, hitting off the Lee. Then the bat of Utley smacked in a three run blast and that was only his first of the night.

At the top of the eighth, the Phillies lead 8-2. In typical Yankee fashion the Bombers scored three runs in the eighth and first two batters got on base in the ninth.

It just was not the Yankees night. Jeter hit into a double play and Tex struck out to end the game, 8-5.

Phillies had to win this game or else it would have been a New York celebration right in Citizens Bank Park. Don’t think the unruly and crazy (not in the good way) Philadelphia fans would have been able to tolerate it.

These fanatics could barely cheer for their own team and gave the Yankees a lot of energy. Energy that was wasted on the opponent, who took two of three games right in their home.

As the saying goes, press is press and the Phillies fans sure gave lots of noise for the Yankees. It gave much attention to a struggling home club.

That does not happen in New York. Surely, some Yankee fans are embarrassing and attack the visiting fans, but it is far and few. In Philly, never have heard so many angry spectators.

If I were Charlie Manual, I would ask the fans to stop focusing on the Yankees and help the Phillies. Manual could blame his managerial decisions on confusion, with all that towel waving and that dancing green animal.

The Yankees are home and thats exactly where their fans want them to be. Taking two in Philly is a job well done.

Game six features Pettitte and Pedro. It is just a classic for fans. Pettitte will be great and lets show the Pedro who his daddy is for one last time.

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