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Yankees Do Enough To Win

The Yankees knew what they had to do coming into the new Target Field. Following a disastrous two weeks of unlucky injuries and evident struggles, some wins were needed.

Hopefully, the team’s confidence is up after taking the first two games against the Minnesota Twins.

The Yankees are not the most graceful group right now, but they have pulled together enough to win. With Granderson and Posada returning shortly it will help relieve some pressure.

Fact is the Twins are a great ballclub; so beating them is not easy for any team. The Twins ‘M & M boys’ (Mauer and Morneau) are by far the best 3 and 4 hitters in the game and lead in most batting categories league-wide.


  1. AJ Burnett and Andy Pettitte rocked on the mound in both wins. It was a far cry from just a week ago, as everything seemed hopeless so it was a comforting turn.
  2. David Robertson was solid in relief for the third time, which is a good sign for the bullpen.
  3. Derek Jeter, both offensively and defensively, has been superb. He looks locked in right now. The Captain is such a natural leader, and he plays the part to a tee. This team needs their Captain, and he knows it.
  4. Nick Swisher is hitting very well, and in clutch situations.Kevin Russo hit another bomb that has been both critical in the team winning. Another impressive Yankee rookie to join ranks with Cervelli and Gardner is nice to see.


  1. Mark Teixeira’s case for losing his spot in the batting order is about to get an ugly verdict. Tex is not doing the job in the three spot. It is suppose to feature the best all-around hitter on a team. Consistently driving in runs, prolonging innings, going deep into pitch counts, and helping get the bases loaded for the clean-up hitter. Tex was the master of this for years, even with his slumps in April. Now, it is almost June, add a beat-up team and Tex just can’t get his groove on and no one can figure out the problem. This can’t go on for much longer, as a demotion is the best thing for right now.
  2. This is sad. Never did I want to have to admit that Mariano Rivera is struggling, but it is obvious now there is a problem. Rivera is 40, but is in phenomenal shape and mindset so maybe it’s the side pain again? Rivera is not hitting his spots with the accuracy we are used to seeing. He picked up both saves in the two wins, but they were shaky. Hitters are making contact instead of striking out, so hopefully this is just a temp setback for the beloved Mo.