Yankees: Who do you think deserves the fifth spot? - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Who do you think deserves the fifth spot? - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Who do you think deserves the fifth spot? - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: Who do you think deserves the fifth spot?

Who do you think deserves to be the New York Yankees fifth starting pitcher? 

Team Nova? or Team Phelps?

Team Nova? or Team Phelps?

1) Ivan Nova?

Nova is currently on the 15-DL due to inflammation in his right triceps, but prior had informally been the Yankees fifth starter.

Last night, at the start to the eventual 3-2 Yankees win in Colorado, the NY Daily News reported that Nova said he is good to throw come Monday when he is eligible to get off the DL.

This Monday instead of a scheduled day off, the Yankees have to play a doubleheader in Cleveland to make up for the two rainouts back in early April.

Before getting sidelined, Nova’s numbers were not so good.

(All stats courtesy of MLB.com)

IVAN NOVA - 2013 Game Logs

2) Or, David Phelps?

Phelps made his second start in Nova’s place last night vs. the Rockies at Coors Field.

Phelps allowed two runs and three hits over six innings, with both runs courtesy of a Todd Helton 2-run homer in the second. He fanned four Rockies, and walked just one.

The 26-year olds looked much sharper compared to his first start vs. the Astros where he grappled through five innings. Seeing general improvement in his second start of the season is a good thing, as prior Phelps had been the long man out of the bullpen.

Here are Phelps stats from his only two starts this season:

(All stats courtesy of MLB.com)

DAVID PHELPS - 2013 Game Logs


Pretending that I am Yankees skipper Joe Girardi, David Phelps would stay in the fifth spot upon Nova’s return.

Nova would get Phelps old job, as a long reliever out of the bullpen.

Phelps has earned a shot in the rotation, and the Yankees should be curious enough to give it to him.

Especially since he improved against the Rockies, who have the second most homers (45) and batting average (.281) in the majors.

Nova has struggled since last season, and maybe coming out of the bullpen will do him some good. Remember how well Phil Hughes did when he got moved to relief in 2009?

The fifth spot should by no means be etched in stone, but it is time to see what Phelps can do with some consistency.


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David Phelps or Ivan Nova as fifth starter?
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  1. Vivianna says:

    I can stand either one, prefer Phelps. My main issue is that neither should be coming out of the pen. Who ever isn’t the fifth starter should be in Scranton starting so they’re in better shape to start when they’re needed. They are wasted arms in the pen.

    • LLP says:

      Vivianna – Thanks for commenting.
      See, I think Phelps has real potential to be something special and I hope the Yankees finally allow him to show it. I see what you mean about sending the guys back to the bullpen but the Yankees have really needed a long-man this season, But once Pineda comes back, which should be in a month one of the two should go to Scranton but Wang is hogging a spot down there so don't know what they will do. This should be interesting…..