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Yankees Derek Jeter for President

Which current player would you elect for president? 

Derek Jeter for President’ – NIKE T-SHIRT

That is right, New York Yankees shortstop, aka the Captain, got the most votes in MLB Network’s Facebook Presidential Poll as he won by a landslide.

The Captain took 60% of the fan votes with Jim Thome coming in a distant second with Brandon Phillips, Torii Hunter and Ross Ohlendorf rounding out the bottom three candidates.

Now when I searched the words Jeter president on twitter the number of tweets was honestly overwhelming.

And fans are already campaigning for the Captain for 2016, as the twitter hashtag #jeter2016 is starting to generate some buzz on the social network too.

There is also an entire separate Facebook page called Derek Jeter for President in 2012, which is a tad ridiculous, I guess.

Now MLB Network was not alone, as ESPN’s Sportsnationalso ran a presidential poll but nominees where pro-athletes from all different

Who would get your vote if we held an election for the President of American pro team sports – Sportsnation – ESPN

sports, and sadly Jeter came in a far-off second to Broncos QB Peyton Manning. Manning dominated the election as almost every state in the country is in pink (please refer to picture at right).

Pretty interesting stuff here but in all seriousness I want to extend my sincerest congratulations to President Barak Obama for winning a second term as US President.

And lucky for him that Peyton Manning – Derek Jeter wasn’t on the other side of the ticket….but more like this is possibly the dumbest thing I have ever actually have had to to write about.

VOTE JETER 2016 A President in pinstripes. 

That does have a nice ring to it.




  1. lolo says:

    No you didn't have to write about it at all!!!!

    • LLP says:

      Well…I guess u r correct but kind-of. Hey it was mind boggling how many people took interest this…there r numerous Facebook pages about it. Kind-of scary but I would probably vote for them at this point.

      • lolo says:

        I guess I hold you to a higher standard. You can find Facebook pages on virtually anything, right?

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