Yankees: Derek Jeter will not be seen until post All-Star Break - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Derek Jeter will not be seen until post All-Star Break - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Derek Jeter will not be seen until post All-Star Break - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: Derek Jeter will not be seen until post All-Star Break

Yesterday morning in the Bronx, New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman revealed that a small crack had been found in captain Derek Jeter’s surgically repaired ankle.

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Talk about a setback, as the earliest Yankee fans can expect to see Jeter is after the All-Star Break, and I mean literally not see him at all.

Earlier in the week, skipper Joe Girardi had confirmed that Jeter’s rehab workouts had been scaled back, and according to the New York Times Girardi’s reasoning, “Sometimes I think you can take too many ground balls.”

The Yankees skipper also said that no timetable in terms of Jeter making a rehab, so to hear about the new “crack” was not a shocking revelation.

By all means, I wish Jeter nothing but the speediest of recoveries, as surely this new ailment (according to Cashman) has to be very discouraging for Jeter, as I know he loves to play.

Speaking as a fan, Jeter’s injury has shown me a side of the Yankees Captain that I do not like very much.

Gasp…. how could any true Yankee fan say that?

Let me explain what I am talking about.

Back in high school, I was the captain of my basketball team.

A month into the season, I hurt my knee and was sidelined for three weeks.

My injury required two hours of daily rehab, which I could have scheduled during practices and on days when the team was playing away.

But as the captain, I was there for my teammates and for my coach. Even on days where scheduling overlapped, I made sure to at least be present even if it was for just five minutes.

And that is why I find Jeter’s complete absence so disappointing.

Undoubtedly I know that high school doesn’t compare to the pros except when it comes to the role of a captain. Go and read this article for a better understanding, What is the job of the team captain?.

Jeter has always been described as a “team-first” player, who works hard and keeps a clean-cut image off the field. And that description seemed right-on to me, until now.

Jeter has not been with his teammates once since the end of Spring Training, which I find despicable.

Opening Day? No. Yankees Annual Homecoming Dinner for fans? Nope. Jackie Robinson Day? No show. Any home games? Not a chance.

I have seen the other wounded Yankees as A-Rod, Granderson and Teixeira have been at many games cheering on their teammates, and participated in team events, but not Jeter.

Bottom-line is that if Jeter were such a “team-first” guy then he would have been with his team.

I mean this is the Captain of the New York Yankees, who hasn’t even bothered to show up even one time.

I was once one of those New York fans, utterly in awe of Jeter until I recently realized that the Captain might not know there is not letter “I” in TEAM.

I hope the Captain proves me wrong by being that “team first” guy, but the hole keeps getting deeper.

Admittedly, I like this 2013 a lot, and as the saying goes, out of sight out of mind.


I just remembered about two seasons ago reading some article about Jeter when he was sidelined for few weeks.

A reporter had asked him about what he thought about the Yankees game that day.

The Captain answered that he didn’t have the MLB Package at his house in Tampa to watch Yankee games, so he learns about games in the next day’s paper.

I cannot remember the article that featured this so the minute details might be off, but the gist of the above is dead on.

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  1. Richard says:

    Hughes pitched well, NO run support, Phelps stunk!!!!! That about sums it up. And……. Cano had a chance to ice it.

  2. richard says:

    I'll be reporting from the Trop and get to see my BFF up close.

  3. richard says:

    Phelps needs to step out of his funk. It has nothing to do with his role. He just can't get anyone out right now.