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Yankees: Seeing Derek Jeter finally

The 2013 season has been full of more downs than ups for the New York Yankees.

English: Derek Jeter

English: Derek Jeter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the last decade Yankee fans had grown accustomed to watching big stars; seeing lots of home runs; and a team whose regular season was just a road to October.

If anything, this year has been a wake-up call for us Yankee fans.

The unwelcome reality check that made the Big Apple’s most beloved sports team just regular.

Well my fellow Yankee lovers, and you haters too, things finally looked like the good old days in the Bronx, as the Captain is back.

On an afternoon following a dazzling pitching performance by Ivan Nova, and a much-needed awaken of the Yankee bats; Yankee Universe got to welcome back Derek Jeter.

Jeter’s presence alone brought on a sense of comfort that is indescribable.

Watching Jeter walk up to the plate and do his signature hand in the air in his at-bat of the season made me tear up.

The Captain just turned 39 years old in June, which is considered well over the hill in the sports world.

This year marks Jeter’s 19th season as a major leaguer, 11th as the Yankees Captain and inexplicably it might be his most significant yet.

I am not implying that Jeter can turn back time on the field, as his range at shortstop will never be what it once was.

But his cool demeanor and natural leadership abilities can influence this makeshift Yankees team in a way they do not even understand yet.

Jeter comes back to a Yankees team that has hung in there in the face of difficulty and intractable injuries.

And in his season debut the Captain got hurt again.

Jeter felt tightness in his right quad after running out a grounder during his third at-bat.

The Yankees did beat the Royals 8-4, but that doesn’t matter if Jeter is not back playing tomorrow.

Skipper Joe Girard knew better than to put Jeter in at shortstop in his return. I am wondering if his body can endure shortstop ever again.

Bottom line is the Yankees, the fans and MLB will happily take the Captain in any role as ling as he is active.


Today once again proved that Derek Jeter’s presence is good for baseball, but it also made it clear that it is vital for the Yankees now more than ever.

This makeshift Yankees squad has hung on longer than anyone expected, anticipating the day their Captain came back.

And now that is in jeopardy as Jeter went for an MRI and the results will be announced tomorrow.

The question isn’t when will the 2013 Yankees get a break; it is this bad luck steak going to end?


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