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Yankees: David Ortiz revealed

Now that the Red Sox World Series winning celebrations have wrapped up in Boston, I can address something that has rubbed a lot of New York Yankees and

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baseball fans the wrong way.

And that is the fact that any player linked to PEDs (performance enhancing drugs_ could win the World Series MVP, like Red Sox David Ortiz (aka Big Papi) did this past week.

Watching MLB commissioner Bud Selig present the 2013 WS MVP award to Big Papi literally made my stomach churn.

Back in 2003, Ortiz had tested positive for PEDs in a league-wide drug test, along with 103 other players including Yankees Alex Rodriguez and his teammate Manny Ramirez.

After his name leaked, Ortiz played the blame game for a week. He did admit to taking supplements that he had purchased at a GNC in his native Dominican Republic and that he would look into it.

Ortiz pretty much discounted that he failed a PED test, and the usually ferocious media followed suit.

Unfortunately, other players, like A-Rod, did not get the same pass as Big Papi.

A-Rod decided to come clean and publically admit that he had used PEDs before taking the test. And he has been ridiculed as baseball’s supreme cheater ever since.

Looking back, maybe A-Rod should have contrived some story to the media like Ortiz did.

Rather than take the harder, honest route it seems that gas lighting the media and the sport of baseball itself has worked out better for many other stars.

Prime example being A-Rod not winning the 2009 ALCS MVP award, and some even argue the 2009 WS MVP too.

No doubt, A-Rod has lent plenty of reasons for the media to have a field day with him as he always seems to be linked to trouble.

But David Ortiz hasn’t exactly been an angel himself.

I learned a lot more after reading an in-depth article by SJK on the popular Yankees blog nomass.org called Guest post: Exposing darling David Ortiz.

Here is an excerpt from the article, but I recommend reading it in its entirety.

It will make you wonder how MLB could have handed this man the MVP of the World Series, while trying to kick A-Rod out of the sport entirely. You got to play fair…right?

Ortiz also trained with Angel Presinal, whose clients include outed PED users Juan Gonzalez, Bartolo Colon, and yes Alex Rodriguez. Presinal was banned by baseball after getting caught with a bag of steroids, but Ortiz still loves him.

Red Sox fans, when they’re rarely willing to acknowledge the evidence of PED use among some of their own, will say “it was the steroid era, every one did it,” but they were singing a different tune for many years before. They were chanting “steh-roids” at Jose Canseco in the 80s, Jason Giambi in the 90s, and were ecstatically self-righteous after George Mitchell outed a bunch of Yankees in 2007. The “everybody did it” narrative began the moment Ortiz was outed in 2009 and lasted exactly as long as it took for A-Rod to get busted again (this time in the Biogenesis scandal earlier this year).

Honestly, I wouldn’t harp on Ortiz’s PED past at all, if it weren’t for his unconvincing denials (also much like Barry Bonds) and Red Sox Nation’s continued collective delusion that that they are the only organization whose players become pure saints as soon as they put on the uniform. To their credit, it isn’t just Yankee players whose PED use they harp on — the Fenway faithful made fools of themselves chanting “steh-roids” at Jhonny Peralta (another Biogenesis client) during this year’s ALCS.

Click…Guest post: Exposing darling David Ortiz to read the rest. 

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  1. SoxNation says:

    I read the article. Let's start with the first 2 sentences:

    "David Ortiz is currently putting together one of the most impressive offensive World Series performances of all-time. Going into Game 6 of the 2013 Fall Classic, he is batting .733, and even when he was batting .091 through the ALDS and ALCS, he had three monstrous game-changing home runs that added to his already deserved legend as a postseason beast with a flair for the dramatic"

    That's why he won the MVP. PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!. Yet you want to focus on the other Performance E D's from 10 years ago????? MLB took no action did they? If the Yanks and Arod were in this situation and he's won the MVP you would have applauded. Moreover, no legitimate writer in the NY media has taken your position. you are just sour grapes Lady.

    • You can call me sour grapes but I clearly think the Red Sox were the best team in 2013 and well deserved to win the World Series.

      My point was with all that MLB has done to try and bust A-Rod without a failed test, like paying a criminal and keeping him out of jail for his testimony, don't you think it would have been wise not to give the WS MVP Award to any player who has been connected to PED?

      Ortiz was on the same list as A-Rod for failing a drug test. Ortiz handled it differently as A-Rod could have denied knowing anything and claimed he went to the same GNC in the DR that Big Papi did…right?

      But reality is neither Oritz or A-Rod have ever failed a test since their names were leaked back in 2009. When you look at Ortiz's career stats….the jump in performance is astounding. A-Rod's numbers have slipped , which is what happens as you get older. Like Bonds, A-Rod was a great player prior to PEDs….Ortiz not so much.

      Look fact is Jon Lester could have been awarded the WS MVP, or even John Lackey instead of Ortiz. Watching Selig up there handing him the award when he is guilty of the same thing as A-Rod is a joke.

      Did you watch the 2009 WS?

      I love Matsui and CC but A-Rod should have won the ALCS or WS MVP that year but he did not…..makes you wonder.

      • SoxNation says:

        Any full time player with those stats is going to get the trophy over a pitcher every time. No question. I don't care about any debate 10 yrs ago – it had nothing to do with PERFORMANCE NOW . It has nothing to do with AROD. Has nothing to do with fairness. So hold on to things to tight.

        2009???? There you go again. Matsui hit .615, 3hr, 8RBI. Not even close. Do you compare everything with Arod?

  2. Peter says:

    Don't worry sox nation she rarely answers anymore.

    • Peter – I am sorry for my lack of response lately. I did have another job but am now back to blogging so expect to hear from me once again. Thanks for reading LLP and let me know if you want my opinions on anything Yankees or baseball as I know you and others love to debate with me.